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Bronze is one of the earliest alloys with characteristics perfectly suited for woodworking. This brass mallet can be used with a traditional grip or it can be nestled in the palm of your hand to exactly control the force used, a position preferred by carvers and sculptors or anyone doing work finer than mortising.
The hardwood inserts provide wooden striking faces so you can strike chisels without mushrooming the handles. The small mallet without a lead plug is designed for very light work, the same size with the added lead is for those for whom a small, heavy mallet would be useful.

They are used for many purposes in woodworking and woodcarving and are also very useful for adjusting blades in wooden planes. The final turning of the handle is done after the handle is mounted, ensuring a perfectly smooth transition between brass head and cherry wood handle.
Since a cabinetmaker's mallet is used primarily with wrist action, the flat faces are in planes that intersect the handle tip, so the face is 90° to the arc of swing to prevent glancing blows. The large mallet without the lead plug has about the same mass as a similar-sized wooden mallet.

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