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31 Mar. 1985

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Post your projects & plansShare your projects and plans with others in the Start Woodworking community. While this solves the depositing issue for trash from inside the home to outside, you need to also look out for what happens to it from outdoor to the recycling centers.
Now you can conceal them in an attractive, inexpensive, and easy-to-build shed that requires basic skills, tools, and materials. Build the frameA diagram of the trash barrel shedCompound miter saw: Rent or borrow one to make straight and beveled cuts on the siding and roof panels (see Lumber List in PDF). In a weekend, your trash cans will have a home of their own that keeps them within easy reach for their weekly trip to the curb. Fit the hinged roofCut the angles with a miter sawCombination square: Use one or the other for measuring and transferring angles to your cut stock.

Cut the panels with a table or circular sawT-111 Siding: When building outdoor projects, use pressure-treated (PT) lumber instead of standard,untreated lumber. This type of latch keeps the front doors closed and secure, but easily accessible—you’ll need to operate the hasp when you open the shed doors to remove the cans on pickup day. PT lumber contains low-toxicity chemicals that protect the wood from rot and insects, especially where it contacts the ground or damp concrete.
Attach the hinges: Cut and fasten the fixed roof panel to the top of the frame and rafters using wood screws every 8 in.
It’s a little heavier and denser than standard lumber,but lasts longer than untreated wood.
If you use asphalt shingles, lap the courses to hide most nail heads; cover any exposed nail heads with plastic asphalt cement.

As an option, you can prime and paint the shed’s wooden roof instead of applying shingles or another roofing finish. Cut the siding panels: Drill pilot holes and use wood screws to fasten the horizontal and vertical members for both sides together. Apply the siding: If you rented a power nailer, it can be used to fasten the assemblies, or you can drill pilot holes and use wood screws.

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