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30 Sep. 1992

Wood lathe tool sharpening system,pictures woodworking tools,stanley block plane replacement blade - Review

Sharpening stations such as the Tormek T7 , The Lap Sharp LS-200, and the Work Sharp WS3000 are popular because they produce consistent results with minimal effort and time spent.
Regardless of the sharpening method you choose, remember: It is a lot easier to sharpen your tools if you keep them sharp! We plan to add to this page with specific instructions and photos of the systems we use to sharpen our knives, chisels, plane irons, turning tools, and so forth. Before we get into sharpening hand tools, I just want to say that I, like most woodworkers, send our saw blades out for sharpening.
Like most woodworkers, I cannot afford (time and money) to send my hand tools out for sharpening. I currently use two standard bench grinders outfitted with Norton Aluminum Oxide grinding wheels, a Veritas Grinding Guide, and the Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig to sharpen my turning tools. This straight on shot emphasizes the size of the platform and the general heavy-duty design of the Wolverine system.
You can sharpen your hand tools using a grinder, disk sander, wet stones, ceramic stones, the Scary Sharp system, and even a concrete block. Again, there are several other sharpening systems and grinders available that do a good job. I encourage you to take a few minutes and read the comments from Don Naples of Wood Artistry, LLC, regarding sharpening woodworking tools and the Lap-Sharp sharpening system he developed and currently promotes.

It takes a practiced hand to freehand sharpen without accidentally changing the bevel angle or putting the cutting edge out of square with the tool edge.
What to look for: A rock-solid registration method--a fence of sorts--to keep the cutting edge square to the edge of the blade ensures accuracy and consistency, as does a tool-clamping system that holds all widths of tools securely. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! And if you prefer not to spend the $$$$, with a little practice, you can learn to sharpen your hand tools rather quickly using the "Scary Sharp" method, requiring a piece of glass and sand paper. I have used the "Scary Sharp" system for about 10 years to sharpen bench chisels, plane irons, and carving knives.
However, if you're spending too much time in the shop sharpening your cutting tools, you may want to invest in a sharpening system such as those listed below. And tool manufacturers must think so, too, because in the past few years, several new sharpening systems have been introduced to take the drudgery out of putting on a keen edge.
Although some models can be used to sharpen jointer knives or lathe tools, we focused our testing on flat cutters, such as chisels and plane blades--the tools you'll likely sharpen most often.
A wheeled honing guide, though, maintains the tool at the correct sharpening angle as you roll it back and forth over an abrasive. The Oneway Wolverine Sharpening system came with two bench bases, one platform, and one tool holder.

If you have a sharpening system that works for you that I did not mention above, drop us a line!
Honing guides make a good entry point into sharpening because of their low cost ($12-$80), effectiveness, and uncomplicated setup. It is a "Scary Sharp", horizontal disk system, employing PSA abrasive disks afixed to 6" glass disks. You can use them with sandpaper, oil- or waterstones, or even diamond paste, although models with widely spaced wheels may not fit on all sharpening stones. On the downside, it takes some skill to ensure the correct sharpening angles, it works best with flat cutting tools (I have trouble with gouges), and don't drop the plate glass!
Free-hand sharpening (gouges, scrapers) under the wheel is aided by a see-through slotted disk and abrasives. A key to any of these systems is the variety of tools they will sharpen and no manufacturer offers more accessories than Tormek. By the way, the Work Sharp units are manufactured by Professional Tool Manufacturing, the Drill Doctor guys.

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