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20 Jun. 1997

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Join one of the most active woodworking communities on the Internet and interact with over 60,000 fellow woodworkers. I wish I could decree that no lathe would start until the operator is wearing a face shield!
Here's my theory of why there are so many chucks on the market: when woodturning first became popular, demonstrators toured around, stopping at various local clubs. Additionally, (again) please keep the speed of your lathe reasonable - chucks aren't designed for 100 percent secure holding, especially with large-diameter bowls. Recently, a student sent me a message asking why the piece of wood he'd attached to the lathe between centers wouldn't stop spinning when he was trying to make a cut, no matter how much he tightened the tailstock. For turning between centers, it's useful to use a live center in the tailstock (instead of the old-fashioned dead centers). Spur drive centers are certainly all right to use, but understand that they hold the wood so securely that when a catch happens, the "give" could be the tool instead of the wood.

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They are inserted into the spindle of the headstock and have two purposes: 1) they hold the wood onto the lathe, and 2) they grip the end of the wood so that the lathe's power can turn it. I'd have to say that the spur drive center is on its way out - safety drive centers are the current favored gadget. Safety drive centers also hold the wood securely (and rotate the wood properly), but they will allow for the wood to release its spinning motion when a catch happens. While that's not necessarily a bad concept, the addition of a high-speed setting caused the first person's bowl to fly off the lathe. In order to be able to easily attach wood to those lathes, the demonstrator invested in a chuck that had a good variety of spindle adapters. This is nifty because it allows the center to rotate as the wood spins, thus preventing the wood from burning, yet still holding it onto the lathe.

I would like to share some easily misunderstood concepts about woodturning with the hope of decreasing confusion and adding to your enjoyment and safety.
If the tool-rest is positioned at or above center, there's resistance between the wood and the tool's cutting edge. Hey, if you don't mind the expense, order several and decide which is best for use on your lathe and which works best as a paperweight!
If the tool-rest is too low and the cutting action happens below center, there's no resistance, and in fact, the rotation of the wood pulls the tool away from the tool-rest.

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