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Many a woodworker first became aware of the Incra Jig when they saw the beautiful business card cases and jewelry boxes that can be made using a wooden hinge, which the Incra Jig is very adept at making.
Another great advantage of this new Incra accessory is the ability to make hinges in lengths only limited by the length of your drill bit.
The unique design of the new HINGECRAFTER allows for use in a bench vice or directly on your workbench. I have found that wooden hinges are greatly appreciated by both owners and patrons of art galleries. Finally, when you mount your wooden hinges, consider using a metal rod or wooden dowel that is long enough to go through both hinges when they are spaced for mounting.
With practice, it becomes quite easy to make a variety of wooden hinges for various projects, but it will be easier in the long run if you take more time to consider and complete each step of the process as you make your first wooden hinges.

With the lid and base together, the hinges are centred on the line between the lid and base. The "keys" are drilled into the hinge and the box to form a mechanical joint between the two items. With Incra's new HINGECRAFTER, you can make sizes up to ¾”, that's double the size of the original.
I assembled the box and then had to measure and cut parts of each hinge to be glued to their respective wood portions of the box.
I am doing a project that has to be completely made of wood but i don't know what hinges to do. Wooden hinges can add a nice "organic" feel to some pieces --as is very clearly the case with the chest you have pictured here.

Usually, one will want to use straight-grained hardwood for the hinges and drill the hinge bore at right angles to the grain. The hinge is a variation on a box joint, as this post states, and even though it will ultimately fit more loosely then a box joint, it must be made with the same precision whether cut by hand or with power tools. When comparing flute lengths, you're actually comparing the ability of the bit to store debris before requiring extraction to remove packed wood chips. In other words the greater the flute length, the less likely the hinge is to split because of its increased ability to extract and eject chips.

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