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Austin" This is an original 1900 black and white in-text wood engraving of a portrait of English opera singer and actress, Elizabeth Austin. 1286, Asian Art, Wood, Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio Poster Print (18 x 24) $22.80 Portrait of Zen Master Hotto Kokushi (Known as Kakushin), ca. Richard Austin (1756-1833), type-cutter, created the types for Bell & Stephenson's British Letter Foundry in 1788, as well as types for other foundries. This is the first full-length study of the Austins and their place within British printing and publishing history. It's impossible to discuss the career of Richard Turner Austin, the wood-engraving son of Richard Austin, without surveying the work of the great Thomas Bewick and the world of eighteenth century wood-cut book illustrations. Because of Thomas Bewick's influence on wood-cut illustration, Richard Turner Austin is often presumed to have been a pupil or apprentice of his; Austin hewed closely to Bewick's style in his natural imagery. World War I intervened, and Austin went off to France to serve as a gunner on the Western Front.
Austin’s skill as an etcher earned him a scholarship in 1922 to the British School in Rome.

In the mid-1930s, Austin converted an old Methodist Chapel in Norfolk into a studio-retreat, finding inspiration for his prints in rural life and landscapes and in private moments shared with his wife and two daughters.
It was once thought that Richard Austin, typeface designer, and Richard Austin, wood-cut engraver, were one and the same person.
Based upon previously unpublished material, Johnston, the printer and publisher (of Poltroon Press in Berkeley, California), has written a rich, vibrant, and engaging account of the Austins, their times and the milieu within they lived and worked. Johnston has, thankfully, devoted an introductory chapter to printed eighteenth century art to prime us on Austin Jr. His wood-cuts, rarely signed, slowly fell from notice and he became a footnote in wood engraving history. The Austins now take their rightful place in the history of British printing and engraving. Austin was a consultant to the Bank of England from 1956 to 1961, and his sketch of Queen Elizabeth II was the first image of the Monarch ever to appear on a one pound note. Austin was a artist of few (mostly frank) words and a technical perfectionist, who came to prefer the precise, clean-edged forms he could make, working directly with a burin on a metal plate to the less controlled lines of etching, which are sketched onto a waxed surface, then, deepened in an acid bath.

In his later years, Austin had trouble holding printing tools and turned to drawing and watercolor.
Crucifixes, holy figurines and cabbage heads lie jumbled together on the ground for sale in Comare Giulia, while the heavily-burdened Wood Carriers pass a roadside shrine with the Crucified Christ, who has his own cross to bear.
Richard Austin, "who changed the whole character of Type Founding from the old face style (as it is now termed), with its disproportionate letters and long s's, into the truly elegant characters of the present day" (James Mosley) was the father of modern English typefaces. Austin's Bell and Scotch Roman faces were major influences upon Matthew Carter's digital typefaces.

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