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For mobile cutting up on a roof or when only a few boards need to be trimmed most contractors opt for an electric or battery operated circular saw. The most common type of bandsaw in a woodworking environment is the standing device with an open cutting table. Below I have put together a really neat comparison chart that has the top seven bandsaws currently on the market all in one place so you can easily filter out the ones that don’t fit your needs. The main areas of a bandsaw that most users will work with are the blade, table, and guide system. There are two wheels inside, one of which is a driven wheel powered by the motor generally on the bottom of the bandsaw near the power supply. Portable models were once popular in the plumbing field but are seen now almost exclusively in the metal cutting industry for a number of reasons. A rough cut needs to be deburred and cleaned up before it can be welded or installed and the portable bandsaw saves workers a laborious step. As stated earlier how each type of saw has its own distinct job to do, there are obvious reasons why the bandsaw is a staple in most wood and metal working shops. Versatile – With the guide system it can produce repetitive straight cuts but without the guide the bandsaw shines producing circular patterns, square cutouts, and arcs with minimal blade marks. While at first glance it appears the bandsaw just might be the most perfect cutter on the market, there are most definitely reasons while manufacturers like Skil, Milwaukee, and DeWalt are still in business. Time – While it’s true that the bandsaw can cut repetitive straight pieces, the nature of the blade requires a more subtle walking of the wood through the cut. Stationary – With circular saws, jigsaws, and sawszalls the cutter goes to the object but with a band saw the piece needing chopped has to come to the stationary unit. Angles and Bevels – A compound miter saw that can be set to exact half-angles and simultaneously beveled is much more accurate than drawing a line with a carpenter square and running it through a bandsaw tilted.
Price – A quality circular or compound miter saw will run from $100 to $300 with the higher price ensuring a premium tool.
There are some things consumers need to take into consideration before deciding on whether they should equip their shop with a bandsaw or go a different route for the time being.

A consumer should make a checklist of just what they’ll need the bandsaw for before deciding if and which model to purchase. As a word of advice, many experienced bandsaw users who started off with the smaller unit have found themselves upgrading within almost weeks to the bigger model for ease of use more than anything. To understand what makes for a great bandsaw and one that leaves something to be desired please check out the best band saw reviews below. The main selling point of this particular model is its compact design, perfect in a crowded garage or a shed that doubles as a wood shop and lawn mower home. It also has an extra long table that allows for more space to work with when you are cutting, not to mention the cast iron table comes with retractable extension wings. Perhaps the finest bandsaw from the best manufacturer in the business, the Rikon 10-305 is in a class by itself in most consumer’s eyes. This Powertec bandsaw is one the most cost efficient models that you can buy and it will still hold its own when compared to more expensive models.
There truly is a bandsaw out there for everyone, it just takes some research, time, and hit or miss practice to find the perfect match. For example when a number of different angles need to be cut the easily adjustable compound miter saw is the go-to chopper. In the woodworking world when awkward and irregular circular or angular cuts need to be carved into a board the bandsaw is the premium tool bar-none.
The guide is used when straight cuts are needed as the piece of wood can be placed against it and guided straight through.
Other times items are simply too big to be run through a standing bandsaw so the portable unit fills a need there.
For safety reasons there are limitations on the size of wood or metal that can be cut with these devices because a guide hand is needed. Here are some reasons why most shops or even individuals couldn’t get by on a this saw alone.
This pales in comparison to a table saw that can cut a board as fast as the user can push it through.

A stationary band saw worth its mettle however often retails for $700-$800 with top-of-the-line units costing $1,300 or more. Has a 10” cutting opening in addition to a handy integrated LED light for small precise cutting.
This is a smooth running saw that will allow for accurate cutting all for a very good price. The reason for this is because of its blade guard adjustment and quick release tension lever which makes cutting a breeze.
Custom pieces of small stocks of wood are about the maximum limitations set out by this bandsaw. The easy assumption would be that the blade is a straight singular piece that operates up and down like a jig saw but in essence the round blade shape is what makes the bandsaw efficient at what it does.
The guide can be adjusted to different widths and moved out of the way completely when curved notches need to be put into the wood. For bulk ripping jobs a shop would probably lose their profit margin on labor costs alone with only a bandsaw. Plus if the bandsaw is in a smaller location like a crowded garage or a basement work shop long pieces of wood might not it in the room. By all accounts the saw cuts nice including some of the hardest woods but consumers can benefit by upgrading from the factory shipped blades. It lacks some of the girth that other models have but will be perfect for the beginner woodworker.
The motor strictly isn’t powerful enough nor is the cutting height wide enough for any substantial products.
Not only can you cut wood, but also plastic and other materials thanks to the 2-speed setting that it comes with.

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