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15 Sep. 1989

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The clock has a twin pivot grasshopper escapement and compound pendulum to give a lazy 2 second period. The power for the clock is supplied by four D cell batteries located in the base of the clock.
Because there is an age-old connection between clock-making and automata, I suspected there was a lot an automata-maker could learn in constructing a clock.
Only a few spots on the clock required lubrication, which consisted of drawing on the wood parts with a lead pencil.

The clock instructions suggested sanding the mechanical parts with progressively finer grits of sandpaper: from 150, to 220, to 400, and finally 600. I, too, have burnished and compressed wood, but mostly by accident — by using the machine a lot or taking it apart and putting it back together a dozen times. To date, a similar clock has been running for 18 months with the same batteries, so battery life seems reasonable up to now. A trick I use to make a dowel smooth and round is to drill a slightly smaller hole in a block of wood that’s as hard or harder than the dowel, then take a section of the dowel chuck it in a drill press and raise the block up the dowel spinning.

The performance of the clock improved noticeably after sanding and it required less weight to drive it.

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