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When the time comes for you to sell your boat it is important for you to realize that the principal objective of the exercise is to SELL your boat and anything else that deflects from that objective may at best delay or, at worst, cost you the sale. You want your boat exposed to as many brokers and buyers as you possibly can and a selling broker is much more likely to bring a buyer to view your boat if he is getting a higher share of the commission so look for a brokerage house that "rewards" other brokers. Like any product for sale, your boat needs to be advertised nationally and have a prominent position in print media to your target market. Adding a new cabinet in the salon that requires hiring a carpenter and having the manufacturer supply matching wood is usually an expensive exercise. Unless you can find a buyer who MUST have that cabinet then your selling price will reflect little, if any, value for the money you spent on that cabinet. Store away personal items that make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine their items in your yacht. Try not to embellish things as the vessel will be surveyed and sailed on a sea trial and it may cause you to lose a sale when any details are verified.
Check for liens on the boat as buyers hate to discover this after they have decided to buy your boat. If your yacht is in a charter management program, list your yacht for sale between 6 and 9 months before your phase-out date.

Once again, ask your broker for his ad commitments for the coming year and back it up with the ads he ran previously.
Ask how long he has been a broker as in Florida you must be a "salesman" for 2 years before you can become a "licensed broker". However these are items you will want for your next boat so do not list them as equipment on your boat and make sure they are not on your boat when you show it to a potential buyer as he will expect them to be part of the deal and included in the purchase price. It might not increase the selling price of your vessel but let's not forget that the primary objective is to get your boat SOLD. The fact that you may not necessarily get much value for an upgrade on your boat does not mean that the Buyer has not put a value on it. This will mean that you will not have to pay dockage, insurance, maintenance and mortgage payment while your yacht is listed for sale. In most guaranteed management programs, the charter company will pay for defects that are determined in the buyer's survey but in some cases the charter company may apply the "fair wear and tear" rules and therefore you will be responsible to pay for the repair. Your boat needs to be seen at National, International and local Boat Shows so ask your broker for a list of the shows his company has participated in over the last 3 years and their commitment for the coming year. This way you will get the full value for your equipment by not having to repurchase new ones for your new boat and you can sell your current boat at a better price for the buyer.

This means that the surveyor does not need to test it and the Buyer cannot complain that it does not work when it was never included in the sale in the first place. In addition, removing it might leave holes in the woodwork and therefore reduce the attractiveness of your boat to the Buyer. Lauderdale will not sell as quickly as a boat sitting at a dealer's location where there are 10 or more other cats for sale. Built in strip plank epoxy for strength and the special shape that gives the performance for racing but load carrying capabilities for cruising.
A very cleverly designed boat providing versatility and flexibility for the catamaran sailor who wants it all.

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