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Wood carvings wood statues wood sculptures wood arts wood, Woodroyal® wood carving studio is a collection of meticulous wooden carvings which depicts the philosophy, religion, and history including the stories.
History of wood carving – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, This article is about the history of wood carving. Chipping away quality wood carving tools and supplies, Woodcarving and whittling tools for the beginner and professional! Philippine product hand made from natural components raw, The best philippine jewelry productss to adorn your body with fashionable.
We have compiled a list of the top exports for small-medium scale businesses in the Philippines. The Philippine’s woodraft and furniture products are probably the most unique exports we have.

Being an archipelago the Philippines has miles and miles of shoreline surrounding seven thousand plus islands. Since the boom of computer accessory exports in 2008 the Philippines has seen this industry as one of the fastest selling products we have.
About John Dela CruzJohn Dela Cruz is an internet marketer and the author of ManilaTrade - Home of Philippine products, business and trading. ManilaTrade was created for the purpose of advertising Philippine products, trade and businesses to a global audience through the use of the latest internet marketing strategies like SEO, blogging and social media. This industry has shown a steady growth of 11% per year for the past decade making it a truly surging export of the Philippines. Sugar exports of the Philippines has been at its highest last year (2011) compared to the past 3 years and increased by 21% compared to 2010.

Some of the main aquaculture products of the Philippines are tuna, milkfish, shrimps and prawns. We also need to spend more on promoting our exports, the Philippine government has also shown support by allocating 80 million for development activities and exporting promotions for our Pinoy products. Although forecasts expect growth to slow down by 5-10% this 2012, Semiconductors and Electronics Industries in the Philippines (SEIPI) continues to believe in the continuous growth and expansion of the business.

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