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23 Jan. 1998

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David Calvo has been enthusiastically teaching wood carving for more than twenty-five years. The Bare Bones Wood Carving Class will give the beginner carving enthusiast a solid foundation in woodcarving because we address the carving skill from its most simpliest building blocks. WOOD CARVING TOOL SHARPENING: Learn how to design and sharpen your tool edge so that you have better control and a more versatile woodcarving chisel.
YOUR WOOD CARVING PROJECT: In the five-day class each students will complete a few wood carving projects. DESIGN SKILLS: Learn how to design your wood carving projects using references that many of the great artists used. This wood carving class will give you the skills to add a creative, personal details to all your wood working projects. Here is an opportunity in two and three day workshop format for the interested student to learn the fundamentals of woodcarving. Here is an opportunity to develop your woodcarving skills by becoming more aware of technique and design through progressively more challenging skills. For those of you local enough here is an opportunity to learn your woodcarving skills on a week by week basis.
If you have had an interest in trying wood carving and are in Gloucester for the day, weekend or vacationing then this might be just for you. Let us abandon the formality of classical design as a handicap and see where our imagination will take us.
Here is a class for the student who want to begin to learn how to see sculptural and abstract shapes. Here is an opportunity to bring David Calvo and the Five-Day Bare Bones of Woodcarving to your area. No matter what your carving style preference is you need to know the fundamentals of carving technique and you need to know it well.
In addition to practice exercises, you will carve a large fleur-de-lis that contains all the possible carving approaches and a woodcarver's compass to understand wood grain. There are many basic tools and mechanical steps to designing that are unknown to the novice woodcarver.
Here is a wonderful opportunity for you as an interested student to get the basic understanding of all aspects involved in learning the wood carving skill. This is a tuition program that is a conscious effort to make you a trained, well rounded capable wood carver by assisting me in the studio. If you can generate enough interest and can secure a workshop setting for the class, David is willing to make the trip to your location to teach the class.

1: Think delicate -- the hardest part about sculpting wood with a chain saw isn't brute strength, but a light touch. He has been a featured master woodcarver at many International Woodworking Trade Shows where he has given workshops on woodcarving technique and designing skills. In sports, because woodcarving is part sport, the learning curve of having strong fundamentals is akin to a tennis pro who has trained his tennis volley to be both effortless and graceful. Wood carving is a skill that incorporates the body to better assist your hand control of the gouges.
Calvo Woodcarving School located in Gloucester, Massachusetts is a convenient commute from Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and New York City areas. Understanding tool design, wood structure, basic hand carving technique and designing skills; these are some of the topics for discussion. He was not only an able artist but he was also an expert mechanic in the woodcarving field as well. It is my hope that you will become fluent with the skill level akin to the old days of training a professional woodcarver.
Sharp tools that easily bite into the wood and do not skate are an important ingredient for woodcarving with intent. Of course, we will do a carving project which is the focus of the class so that you learn about carving with the grain. This class will start to give you experience in how to integrate carving and lettering into your woodworking projects by walking through the steps and seeing the final results. This class takes what you have learned in the Beginners Bare Bones Class as well as your intermediate skills and puts them to the test.
Surprisingly, you can get set up with a small tabletop propane forge for little money, and honestly, there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than carving wood with a tool that you have made. It is an activity that helps you to move through the progressive steps of your carving project. In woodcarving, you are constantly changing your approach to cut with the grain of the wood. The cost of each class is $35 if you pay as you go and $300 if you sign up for a ten-week session. This one-day package includes your wood carving tools for use in class and your project materials.
Here is a good opportunity to introduce yourself to carving which was so much a part of the traditional craftsman's skill.
Learning how to forge your own wood carving tools will complete your skill set as a woodcarver.

So here is a class to teach you to understand the art of making sculpture and also to help you with the ability to design. There are other surprising aspects of taking a class at the George Kenny School of Chainsaw Carving in Snoqualmie -- one of just a handful around the country that teaches people how to make bears, eagles, fish and codgers out of logs. The same is true in woodcarving, you use your body strength and weight for the cutting action.
Woodworking is built on box designs and we will add the contrast of curves with the woodcarving:one will make the other look better. Carving, in the traditional sense, was added to furniture because most furniture design was made up of straight geometric lines.
He is also natural speaker who has the ability to articulate the mechanics of the skill of wood carving in an easily understood fashion.
So if you took the beginner's barebones class and want to proceed to projects to become more proficient this might be the class for you. This course will focus on the next set of techniques that are key for you to unlock a new door in becoming a better woodcarver. This is a excellent forum for the study and understanding of good tool design necessary for the control needed in wood carving.
Finally, you will learn how to put handles on you new carving tools and sharpening techniques.
Robertson has been a customer of George and Frank Kenny's roadside chain-saw-carving store for a while and contemplating the class for several years, despite her lack of experience with power tools.
The couple have carving plans for their 5-acre lot and home, including a fence along their driveway in which wooden bears hold up the posts.
Their fellow classmate, Jim Renfroe, saw an ad in the paper and thought chain-saw carving would make an interesting hobby.
Kenny also teaches them some of the most important tricks of the trade: how to select wood, dry it and alleviate the natural tension in the wood by controlling where it cracks.
But, sometimes, wood does what it wants to do." When it does, a painstakingly carved sea captain's arm or eagle's wing may fall off weeks or months after it's done. On the students' second day, they carve a three-dimensional fish out of a thick plank of wood.

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