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This guide will help you understand the basic differences in electric guitars so you can make an informed decision. If you don't know, find out what kind of guitar they're lusting after and who their guitar heroes are.Choosing an electric guitar that addresses these preferences helps guarantee that new players will stay motivated as they learn to play.
Full-sized electric guitar bodies vary considerably in size and weight, and those factors should be considered.For beginners, it’s important to have a guitar that is easy to play and stays in tune.
Additional electric guitar accessories include:a strapa tunerextra picksextra stringsa standa caseUnder $300There are many options in this price range that will suit the beginning player. Musician’s Friend offers an extensive selection of Electric Guitar Value Packages that include an electric guitar, amplifier, and many of the accessories mentioned above.
Many also include instructional books, DVDs, and online beginner’s lessons, plus other resources to keep the new player motivated to keep learning.Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom Electric GuitarIf you decide to choose a guitar, amplifier and accessories separately, consider spending more on the guitar than the amplifier. It’s still advisable to spend more of your budget on the guitar than the amplifier, for the same reasons noted above.Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul PlusTop PRO Electric GuitarWith more options, you can pick out something that’s going to suit the player better.
The upgrades may take the form of better hardware, electronics, woods, cosmetics, and construction methods. Solid body guitars can range from a simple, single-pickup model, to an ornately figured and decorated, multi-pickup instrument with a slew of electronic options.

Many jazz guitarists prefer the hollow body for its full, rich tones, and deep bass response.Gibson 1959 ES-175 Historic Hollowbody Electric GuitarSemi-Hollow BodySimilar to the hollow body, the semi-hollow body has more resonance than a solid body. However, semi-hollow guitars are designed with a solid center wood block that adds stability and sustain, and helps cut down on feedback.
Piezo sensors operate on mechanical vibration as opposed to magnets to convert sound from vibrating strings into an electric current.
Piezo pickups can be used to trigger synthesizer or digital sounds much like an electronic keyboard. Piezo-equipped guitars often also include magnetic pickups to expand their tonal versatility.Active Pickups and ElectronicsSome guitars are equipped with active pickups that require batteries as an energy source and incorporate a preamp for sound-shaping. Active electronics may also include filters and equalization circuits for added sound control Guitars with active electronics generally have a higher output than magnetic pickups and produce cleaner, clearer sound. The fretboard is usually made from a thin layer of rosewood or ebony, although some models, usually with maple necks, have a fretboard made of the same wood as the neck. Neck repairs are more difficult, however.Gibson 2014 Les Paul Standard Electric GuitarNeck-through guitars feature a (usually laminated) neck that, unsurprisingly, extends through the entire length of the body, with ‘wings’ or ‘fins’ glued onto the sides of the body. However, the increase in stability means these repairs are much less likely to be needed.Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist Electric GuitarTonewoodsSince a guitar’s sound is primarily determined by the interaction of the strings vibrating and the magnets in the pickup, you might wonder why wood makes a difference. The resonance from the wood determines how long the strings vibrate and the shape of their motion.

This combination makes wood an important factor in the overall tone of the guitar.Mahogany is a very dense, strong wood used in all parts of guitar manufacture except fretboards and bridges, which require harder wood.
It is also often used for the fretboard where it adds definition to the sound.Gretsch Guitars G6121-1955 Chet Atkins Solid Body Electric GuitarRosewood is the most common wood used for electric guitar fretboards.
Rosewood is occasionally used in guitar bodies, but this makes the guitar quite heavy.Ebony is a very hard, dense wood that is used primarily on fretboards of more expensive guitars.
A light colored wood with attractive grain figuring, it is often given a transparent finish.
Swamp ash is a particularly appealing, detailed wood used on higher-end guitars.Alder has tonal characteristics similar to ash, but is less costly and is not as highly figured. Nato is very strong, and is most often used in the necks of less expensive electric guitars due to it’s cost effectiveness.Electric Guitar HardwareGuitars feature many different styles of hardware which have different uses. One other adjustable bridge is a spring-loaded bridge, often called a Bigsby (though other brands make similar bridges).Bridges and TailpiecesThese two components work in tandem to influence tone and playability.

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