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This Make Your Own Blueprint tutorial will walk you through the detailed steps of how to draw floor plans for your new home design. It takes a long time to truly learn how to use the house design programs to completely generate the cross sections, framing and other blueprint details that you need to get your building plans approved. Most of the inexpensive programs (less than $250) do not generate the kind of details required for full construction drawings. Most of the home design programs can produce accurately dimensioned floor plan drawings of the quality required for your building permit. The home design programs are great for allowing you to draw floor plans in 2D then visualize them in 3D.
Whether you are using home design software or drawing your blueprints by hand, the first drawings to start with are your floor plans. Your local art supply store should have all the of drawing tools you will need to make your own blueprints.
This line would measure 9 inches on your drawing and would represent 36 feet for the built house.
For this tutorial we will move in a clockwise direction starting at the upper left hand corner of your drawing. The construction drawings for the floor plans need to be properly dimensioned for the framing crew. Continue in this fashion, clockwise around your drawing until the inside framing side of all of you exterior walls are drawn. The next step as you make your own blueprint is to draw your doors and windows onto the floor plan.
Draw the appropriate door or window symbol from the blueprints symbols glossary to properly identify it. Detail the plans by indicating for each room how the floors will be finished and any required sub-flooring. Note that not all required dimension lines are shown in the plan below—this is for ease of viewing.

Furniture should not be included in your construction drawings but for your own design purposes it is a good idea to use scaled furniture cutouts during the design process to ensure you have designed adequate space for all rooms and circulation paths. Continue on to the next house construction drawing tutorial module: How to Draw Elevations. Check out our free House Design tutorial, from initial home planning to creating full construction drawings.
Go to our main Blueprints Page for links to how to read blueprints and reference pages with basic floor plan symbols used on construction drawings. If your considering extending or building a new home this guide can show you how to draw an accurate, spacious and cost effective architectural floor plan.
It shows the steps involved in creating custom plans for new homes and alterations to existing buildings.
There are descriptions and graphics which explain how to develop a scale plan that could be used to discuss with Planners, Architects and in Planning applications.
Once the basic wall profile is complete it’s time to start adding window and door openings to the plan. To add a window opening, Select a room, and then draw a center line between the internal walls.
Once you have a plan with all the opening’s added its time to create a detailed plan.
Take another sheet of tracing paper and lay it over the plan and stick it down on a smooth surface. The final task to complete the plan is to add architectural details including the stairs, floor textures and some design notes. This drawing can be used as a foundation for developing the other drawings, to acquire costs from contractors, discussion with planners and architects and also as part of a planning application. Note: You can also plan out where you want your security systems if you are installing them after building.
Rather a good approach if you want to keep costs down is to do some drawing with design software and some hand drafting.

Using your own floor plan sketches or your results from the Draw Floor Plan module of our house design tutorial, start by drawing the exterior walls of the main story of your home. But building trades people will often use an architect's scale (or ruler) while they are building to check various dimensions on your drawings.
This is where you will write the name of the view you are drawing (floor plan, elevation, cross section), the scale of the drawing, the name of the house (could just be the family name), designer's name and date.
You will want to roughly center your first floor plan view in the space on the paper available excluding the title block.
That is you will not be drawing the finished dimensions of the rooms once drywall or other finished wall surfaces are installed.
One more dimension line should run along each exterior wall to locate all window and door openings.
See our tutorial module Draw Floor Plan for more information and furniture blueprint symbols. What views remain are the cross-sections, elevation views, and any necessary framing plans. So before you draw your first wall, use your scale get a rough idea of how much space on the page your first floor plan will need. You can then easily modify the drawings as you drag and drop furniture, appliances and fixtures into the blueprints. Everyone on the building site needs to know what date version of the plans they should be using.

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