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17 Sep. 1981

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Turning unused items into usable pieces of furniture is a great way to save money and create some really good-looking pieces for your room.
In this article, we'll discuss what to look for when selecting unfinished furniture, what work you'll have to do to get the piece ready, and how to fix what you've bought.Price, unfortunately, is the first indicator.
To make this, unscrewed all of the wooden panels (top and bottom), placed them all together, and then screwed them back in reusing those same nails.
Instead of buying one of the many wood stains from the hardware store, he poured coffee on the table everyday for an entire month. It costs really low and if we overlook the problems, pallet furniture is really great choice.
However, users should also be precautions because htese apllets can be a source of bacteria and this might put their family at risk.

Whatever type of wood is used, the quality of the wood and the workmanship that goes into the piece can vary tremendously.When you find a piece of furniture you like, take a good look at it.
Cheap furniture is usually knotty and sap-streaked; the more expensive pieces are made with better-quality wood.
Good unfinished furniture is often already sanded, ready for finishing.Another important consideration is how well the piece of furniture is made.
You can deal with mechanical problems, but a part that's too big or too small can never be adjusted.
Finishing can do a lot, but it can't remake a shoddy piece.The style of the funiture also is important. Don't settle for a piece of furniture that's the wrong size or style; it isn't worth working on something you don't really want.

On the other hand, a piece of furniture that's basically right can be given any character you like with different hardware, trim moldings, decorations, or special finishes.Before you make a final decision, assess the work you'll have to do to get the piece ready to finish -- cleaning out knotholes and sap pockets, regluing legs, renailing drawers, repairing splits, smoothing splintered edges, changing hardware. If you choose carefully, it is.Once you've selected a piece, you're all set to take on all those little problems.
Learn how to get your wooden furniture cleaned up and ready for finishing in the next section.

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