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28 Apr. 2006

Veritas small scraper plane,diy bunk beds with desk,wooden cap rack plans - PDF Review

About the size of a block plane, and stoutly made, this one-handed tool has a unique feature borrowed from the Stanley #80 scraper–a set screw that bows the blade.
With the release of the new Veritas Small Scraping Plane last week, lots of people are saying: Cool! The small scraper planes work the same way, but I wouldn’t want to use one for a banquet hall table. The net result of this system is that the Veritas scraping plane is easier to set up than the Lie-Nielsen. The other new twist with the Veritas is the adjustable palm rest that gives the plane its Beetle-esque shape.
Believing that perhaps the clogging was due as much to having a full width cutter (the LV is a rebate scraper plane so the iron extends just a hair past the sides), I made a new blade.
Actually, my plan was to grind one end of the hex-head key (included) into a straight driver.

There is a functional gap between the fabulous Veritas large scraper plane and a card scraper, which I feel the No.
It’s impossibly clever , you simply move the rest until the plane fits your hand, then lock it in place with a hex-head wrench (included). I wonder if Veritas, or the end user, can replace the slot head cambering screw with one that can be operated with just fingers. A card scraper is fine for small areas, but to avoid ripples or hollows, you're better off using a scraper plane.
The large scraping planes are typically used to dress tabletops and large panels that have unruly grain. You can use them like a block plane for dressing edges , this is how bodger Don Weber uses his Lie-Nielsen No. As soon as I saw this new offering from Veritas I sensed it might fill that niche with its better ergonomics and balance.

Scraping planes can ignore grain direction, work large surfaces and leave a relatively flat surface , especially compared to a card scraper. The thin blade allows you to camber it gently by turning a small straight screw at the rear of the tool. Waxing the blade clamp and at the front of the mouth in the body of the plane also allowed easier clearing when needed. If you have trouble bending a card scraper, the small planes are a good substitute as they are easy on your hands. But the LV has hanging chads [g] due to clogging whereas the LN I think did so simply from allowing those thin wispy shavings one gets from a scraper plane like these to simply fall back down.

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