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Fasten a support board to the bench to stabilize the router and a stop board to secure it so you don't need clamps.
Cut only on the right side of the jig and push the router away from you; the turning direction of the router bit will pull the router base against the jig.
The keys to routing clean edges are using a sharp bit and running the router in a counterclockwise direction around the top of the workpiece. Clamps get in the way of the router and it's hard to keep the base from rocking on the narrow surface.
If you rout on the left side of the jig, the router will tend to wander away from the jig and you'll wind up with a run-amuck dado. That way, the bit pushes the router toward you rather than pulling it away, so it's easier to control and safer.

They're available at home centers and woodworking stores individually or in kits (Photo 2) that allow you to swap pilot bearings to adjust the rabbet width with the same cutting bit. That gives the router a wider surface to rest on, eliminating any rocking, and forces the workpiece against the support board and the stop, so it doesn't need clamps. Luckily in the modern age we have routers, which we can use to shape wood in a relatively small amount of time.No doubt, a router is a woodworker's best friend.
It might just be the most versatile tool you can own -- but in a world without router bits, it would be nothing more than a spinning motor.
It was done with a router, and the specifics of the detail depend on the router bit you use.­There are a wide variety of different router bits out there, and they've all been shaped and perfected over the years to serve specific needs. There are router bits used to add detail, router bits used to make grooves and notches for joinery, and router bits for writing in wood.

The list goes on and on.The thing to keep in mind is that not all router bits are created equal. At the end of the day you could own the best router on the market and be the most experienced woodworker in the world -- and still end up with sloppy results if you used a bad router bit.Read on to learn about the basics of choosing a router bit. You'll learn about common types of router bits, shank diameters, drill speeds and what makes up a quality bit.

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