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20 Feb. 1977

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The first thing I noticed was that Trend had moved the air filtration from the front of the helmet on the original faceshield, below left, back and to the sides on the updated Pro version at right.
The Trend Airshield Pro, without accessories, runs about $350-400, and can be found at Woodcraft, Craft Supplies, Amazon, and other mail-order and online sites. Unless you’ve been looking for a horrible new way to add fiber into your diet, inhaling wood chips and dust during woodworking projects is highly undesirable.
Looking like a blend of a goalie mask, an astronaut’s helmet and the head of one of Sigourney Weaver’s aliens is the Trend Airshield Pro Face Mask. Trend’s Airshield Pro protects your face from projectiles and debris, and your lungs from airborne particles. Street pricing is about $380 for the shield respirator combo, which includes one battery pack and charger, and $390-$410 for the kit that comes with the ear muff attachment.
I wear eyeglasses, so kicking up a storm of sawdust during a woodworking project often means safety goggles (not glasses), a disposable or half-face respirator, and even ear muffs.

Because of my experience with JET, I’m hesitant to buy into respirators, air cleaners, or dust extraction systems if replacement filter availability could potentially be an issue. As an example, Triton’s powered respirator is currently off the market and replacement filters seem hard to find. I have been using the original airshield for about 15 years – earlier this year trend stopped producing the filters so I too am in the market for a replacement. Fortunately, I had the original Trend Airshield air-circulating face shield, below left, and have purchased the updated version, the Airshield Pro, below right, about six months ago. I knew I needed something better than the respirator I’d been using, but the $250+ price tag was a bit hard on my wallet.
For the new version you can purchase an accessory Trend calls “ear defenders” that clip on the sides of the fade shield as shown below. A simple particle respirator mask and protective glasses can help, but for some people and for some projects, they’re just not good enough.

For my potential usage, an air cleaner plus conventional non-powered respirator seems to be a better buy. Any input about this particular model or any other powered respirator would be much appreciated. However, with a wife in the health care business, I knew the price of respiratory problems down the road could be huge.

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