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20 Dec. 2008

Top rated portable wood planers,clocks woodlands,simple wood deck ideas - How to DIY

Ten years after reviewing the best benchtop planers, Sandor Nagyszalanczy took the top five budget portable planers to the task. When I reviewed benchtop planers about a decade ago, they were still fairly new on the scene. Flash forward to the end of this millennium’s first decade and surprisingly little has changed: Benchtop portable planers are still the primary lumber thicknessing tool in the majority of small woodshops.
With tool economy in mind, I was curious to see how the current crop of lower-priced planer models compared to one another. A quick glance at the five planers, shown at the bottom of these pages, reveals that these models share a very similar DNA: They’re all portable units that clamp or mount to a bench or workstand and have folding infeed and outfeed tables (save the Ryobi). In examining and evaluating these economical models, I kept in mind the qualities I would want in a portable thickness planer.

When I think back on the days when you had to drop a big pile of cash for a heavy cast-iron planer that took four strong buddies to move, I’m thrilled to live in an age when a mere 230-400 dollars buys you a portable model that can be carried without breaking anyone’s back.
If you can live with a planer with basic features, there’s no question that the bottom bracket- priced Ryobi AP1301 is a real bargain. They range from the $229 Ryobi AP1301 (remember, Ryobi was the first to introduce us to affordable thickness planers, with their 10" model AP-10) up to the $399 DeWalt DW734. Budget portables may be limited in terms of planing power and they may not last as long as their cast-iron brethren, but they’re still a great purchase for any woodworker, carpenter or serious DIYer. Most woodworkers these days have budgets that are tighter than a heavy-metal rocker’s leather pants.
A good planer should have enough power to plane wide boards and dense hardwoods without bogging down.

If you need a planer that’s built to take the daily punishment of being tossed into a work truck and knocked around a jobsite, the nearly-all-metal Delta TP305 would be a fine choice. Finally (and very important in this age of better health and safety awareness), a planer should have a dust hood that provides efficient chip capture when connected to a shop vacuum or dust collector.
But if you’re looking for a planer that offers both top surfacing performance and has all the features that make planing lumber easier, I’d go for the DeWalt DW734.

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