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11 Jul. 2012

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Use thread-in inserts in softer woods and plywood where their coarse outside threads cut easily into the surrounding wood. I see that your pressed in inserts that are held with epoxy are only drilled to a depth of the insert. Drill a hole sized for the body of the insert, and press it into place with a clamp or tap it in with a hammer and a block of wood.

Simply drill a pilot hole, thread in the insert with a screwdriver or T wrench, ans use a machine screw or bolt to attach the other part. In very hard woods, such as white oak and maple, or when the insert is close to the edge of a part and screwing it in may split the wood, drill a hole slightly larger than the outside thread diameter, and epoxy the insert in place. For applications in which the clamping action tends to push the insert out of the wood, such as the knobs that tighten down on the drill-press fence extension rods, drill a hole that engages just the tips of the insert barbs and epoxy it in place.

To protect the internal threads from epoxy, cover the end of the insert, as shown bottom right.

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