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21 Sep. 2001

Stanley rabbet plane review,diy planter box with trellis,custom wood carvings uk - Reviews

I remember my teacher's plane being basically useless on even the slightest curve because it was so long. I agree on the Lie Niesen planes in general though I must say that I don't much care for the L-N block rabbet that I have. My teacher's plane was a nice old Stanley but I think it could have been set up better was the problem. FWIW, the L-N block rabbet comes set up for ultra-fine work (or at least it did when I bought mine).

As all the planes you mention can be made to work fine including your teacher's, but lets clear up some basics. So my answer is you need a rabbet plane, and a shoulder plane will also be handy for fitting. What I've decided that I need right now is a shoulder plane (sorry for the sloppy nomenclature). In general the low angle shoulder planes are best for endgrain work and the higher angle ones better along the grain.

I also have a LN block rebate plane and I use it all the time, often just as a low angle block plane.
ECE do a wooden rebate plane with a high angle too but you wouldn't want to alter its base but it is a great plane .

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