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22 May. 1983

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I found this company in California that makes external wood fired boxes that just hang over the side of a metal tub. We found out that Snorkel advises that you assemble your tub within two weeks of its arrival. As you can see from my notes it was not that easy to keep track of the temperature in the tub.
Since he had already buried a power line to the hot tub structure, he installed an all-weather covered outlet there. Now when we heat the tub we can tell exactly when it is the right temperature for tubbing, or adding wood, just by reading the remote display. Some were too far from the house and all needed a lot of site preparation before we could send for the tub. With the very cool rubber mallet and wrench that comes with the tub we set to work the next Saturday morning. Then we would stir the tub with the canoe paddle, wait a minute then pull the floating thermometer to the side and read the temperature.
After much investigation and a couple false leads he bought an aquarium pump (8watt, 620gph) to circulate the water in the tub as we are heating it. There is also a digital readout mounted by the tub itself so we can check the ambient and tub temperatures while we are in the water.

We used the solar pump and the well to fill buckets of water for use in the kitchen and the bathroom.
Someday I hope to figure something out that doesn’t cost that much since it would only be used a few times a year.
We would need a real wooden tub, no fiberglass for us we said, and a way to heat the water that did not use a lot of electricity is a necessity. We set up a sprinkler inside of the tub and ran it everyday as long as the sun shone (solar pumped water) for weeks. I wanted a place with some solar access so we could place a passive solar pre-heater on the tub.
All told it took us about six hours till we were looking at the beautiful finished cedar tub. Making a cradle between with a large flat piece of cardboard we rolled the tub onto the forks. The tub is situated out the back door across the driveway and up a short rise to a semi level area.
Once we had the well water pumping again I used bags of Styrofoam peanuts (we get them in packaging all the time) to cover the exposed areas, then weighted the bags down. Now, years later, our big tracking PV array had grown so that the hot tub building partially shaded the PVs at a certain time of year in the late afternoon.

All openings on the stove are above the rim of the tub so water cannot get into the stove, Hence the name, Snorkel. While Bob-O attached the stove to the tub wall I assembled the wood fence that attaches to the stove side for safety. Having a short flat side next to the wooden fence, that shields the tubbers from the stove, gave us enough extra for this to work.
If the sun came out we would drain the tub, scrub it down and refill it using the solar run pump in our well.
A factory made tub up here in BC is like $3500, so for a small cabin owner (on a budget) like me, I looking for the DIY route. The double thickness foam is very insulative and light enough to move on and off the tub quickly and easily by anyone. I moved the bottom pieces to be used as a deck for my solar cookers over by the greenhouse. We are tubbing regularly and look forward to many years of heated relaxation and quiet conversation under the stars.

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