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So far, there’s no indication that Dell plans to commercialize the concept, let alone when it could do so. Placed in a natural, horizontal location that is more comfortable for touch interaction, the Dell smart desk provides a work surface that aligns closely with the productivity requirements of professional software applications.
Dell has cooked up a huge touchscreen "Smart Desk" concept for Dell World this week, its vision of what the digital workspace of the future will look like. Swiping across the smart desk display calls up secondary pages of commands and menus, and there's 10-finger multitouch as well as pen input. Unique to the smart desk, meanwhile, seems to be a physical controller for a virtual circular interface. Multiple desktops can be saved and switched between, useful if you're working on different projects, and files can be searched and virtually "stacked". Dell says the smart desk is a "conceptual product preview" which likely means there's no specific production plan right now. When the bottom surface is paired with a vertical display and powered by plug-ins to key ISV applications, Dell says it instinctively separates seeing from doing, putting primary work activities up close to the user while secondary ones are further away. Dell has shown what it believes to be "the future of workplace productivity," at the recent Dell World conference in Austin, Texas.
While Dell proudly says that it "often leaps ahead of the curve to provide customers with the next big thing," neither squashing more pixels into a display nor its smart desk are particularly cutting edge concepts.
Described in the most basic terms, the Dell Smart Desk pairs a horizontal touch screen work surface with a vertical display.

The other future productivity announcement from Dell World concerned the 5K pixel (5120 x 2880) Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor.
While these HP and Dell smart desk concepts do look enticing perhaps some systems designers could go down a cheaper route - to use the tablet computers most people already own as the horizontal desktop part of the twin-screened systems.
Translated, it appears that the Dell smart desk uses touchscreens in both the vertical and tabletop LCDs to allow users to manipulate objects by voice and by stylus—basically, treating the tabletop LCD as a tablet of sorts. Hopefully Dell will publish more information about the smart desk concept, including price and availability.
Sprout and Dell’s concept may be just a recognition of sorts that the digital workstation is evolving into a more specialized tool. Dell says that its smart desk "instinctually separates seeing from doing," which basically means putting app-specific buttons and controls nearer to your hands so they're easier to reach for. Dell appears to have turned to Adobe's Ink & Slide digital pen and ruler set for its art tools, and we can certainly see how they would work well on such a large screen. Dell also envisages user-specific layouts that can follow workers around as they move between different locations, so that you'd sit down at your smart desk and it would have exactly the same files, controls, and arrangement as wherever you were working before. Instead, there would be a large touchscreen monitor facing the user as normal, and a second display laying flat on the desk in front of it.
Whether its the latest on building your own desktop system, reviews of the latest laptops and accessories, or roundups of the games and software that make your machine go, Maximum PC brings it to you with news, reviews, and years of expertise. The future workplace is ruled by 5K monitors and touchable desks according to Dell's R&D scientists.

Actually HP beat Dell to the Smart Desk punch with a very similar concept a week previously, the HP Sprout, designed as a perfect system to pair with its upcoming Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer.
Users interact comfortably and naturally using touch, gestures and a high performance pen to manipulate digital content on the desk screen. Dell describes how when clustered together its Smart Desks can share content on the project at hand and also pick up and continue work projects upon any other smart desk in any location. This digital desktop allows for multiple desks to be clustered around specific projects, notes that can be searched and shared, and better organization with scaling and stacking of growing content.
The smart desk runs applications that makes use of both screens thanks to plug-ins providing key Independent Software Vendor application support. In fact, any smart desk workspace will allow users to pick up their work session wherever they left it—regardless of location. With seeing and doing separated like this Dell says that it has implemented a system where "primary work activities are close to the user while secondary ones are further away".

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