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24 Sep. 1984

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Below are a number of completed projects showing uses of wooden hinges made with the Dowel Shaper TS along with Elkhead Tools Dowel Center Drills. If you’re the kind of person who has a tough time deciding at the 31-flavor ice cream store, then a first glance at the number of available hinge choices could send your brain into total overload.
Referring to the drawing at right on the facing page, you’ll see that the hinge consists of two leaves that usually have countersunk holes drilled for flat-head wood screws. Of course, when you mount hinges on the surface of a box or door, you automatically position the hinge pin in a location where it can operate. Cutting a full-depth mortise in the box's base made it easy to position and mount the lid. Another useful fact about the geometry of a butt hinge is that the depth of the mortise is governed by the diameter of the barrel, not by the thickness of the leaf.
The butt hinge has evolved into an extraordinary number of forms to suit a wide range of applications.
For reasons of both aesthetics and function, the shape of a hinge isn’t restricted to the familiar rectangular shape. Separating hinges can be very useful, and they are scaled to handle a wide range of jobs—whether you want to build a sturdy toolbox or a dainty jewelry container.
Choose a separating hinge that’s scaled to fit the size and strength requirements of your project.
Many box hinges require you to add a separate support to hold the lid open for easy access. Or choose from styles of butt hinges that you put into a traditional mortise, let into the back of the box and lid, or surface mount for utility applications. The quadrant hinge (left) and the siderail hinge (right) are stop-hinge designs that are popular for jewelry boxes and humidors. The barrel hinge is virtually invisible when closed, and it also has the advantage of easy installation because the mortise is simply a hole drilled into each workpiece.

The miniature barrel hinge installs into a 5-mm hole drilled into the base and lid of small boxes and pen presentation cases. The chunky four-way hinge offers the ease of surface mounting and a wide 175-degree opening angle.
It wasn’t that long ago that the overlay hinge was the undisputed king of kitchen and bath cabinets.
Utilize the adjustability designed into Euro hinges to achieve absolute perfection in  door alignment. But before you despair, consider the fact that most hinges are engineered for very specific applications.
In addition, end play allows you to easily disassemble and reassemble hinges with loose pins.
So it stands to reason that this point must be located beyond the back edge of the box or the face of a door.
This condition often results from initially hinging a lid so that the base and lid make contact all around. Checking a test cut for a full-depth mortise is as easy as verifying that it is just short of burying the hinge’s knuckle.
Other hinges, though, build the support right into the body of the hinge, eliminating the need for additional hardware. Cut traditional mortises into the base and lid for the hinge at left, mortise the center hinge into the back of the box, and surface mount the hinge at right. You can purchase Soss hinges in several sizes, and the largest one can be used to hang architectural doors with no hardware visible from either side when the door is closed. To order the hinges you needed, you simply counted the number of doors and multiplied by two. In high-end hinges designed for jewelry boxes, you’ll find absolutely minimal end play.

Anything past the tiniest fraction of an inch will allow the hinge to work, and adding more projection is a matter of aesthetics and controlling the arc of motion.
For half-depth mortises, make two test cuts, and hold them face to face with the barrel of the hinge in the middle. The barbed hinge is inexpensive, but installation requires you to use a specialty sawblade chucked into your drill press.
The quadrant hinge requires a mortise in both the back and end of the box’s lid and base. As a result, you can’t get the lid of a box to close firmly against the base at the front. But the old hinge king has lost his throne and been replaced by a new group of hinges from Europe.
You'll find hinges with leaves in fanciful shapes, as round as a bullet, or stretched with rounded ends. In addition, you’ll need to excavate a channel into the base for the quarter-circle stop arm that gives this hinge style its name. Instead of a single hinge, the new dynasty is actually an extended family of hinges, each one engineered for a specialized purpose. Here it is recognized that the lid may develop a gap, so its location is controlled by concealing it at the rear of the box. An elongated double-pinned hinge is often used for a folding card-table top, and the familiar butler’s tray hinge has a built-in spring. It’s an inexpensive hinge, a highly desirable virtue for hardware used in producing large batches of boxes.

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