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20 Dec. 2012

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The real value of SketchUp is the amount of information within the model, and the ease with which you can retrieve it. A screenshot of Fine Woodworking's classic 18th-century Chamfered-Leg Table in SketchUp. Perhaps you've purchased one of the Digital Product Plans offered by Fine Woodworking but have no interest in using the SketchUp file that is a part of the product. No doubt there are customers knowledgeable in SketchUp who welcome having the 3D model file and will use it to enhance and customize the furniture design.
But let's assume you have not used SketchUp and have no plans or need to develop that skill. When you open SketchUp files from Taunton, they will have Scenes (multiple tabs) across the top of the page. Once you find the area of interest through the tabs, you can now use your mouse to shift your view or zoom in for a closer look. NikonD80 writes: I'm a relative newcomer to woodworking and I'm finding Sketchup to be invaluable in helping me try things out before I start cutting up valuable timber.
Spencer08 writes: I'm only new to woodworking but I'm finding Sketch up to be a very valuable andcost saving tool when designing your own pieces. Learn the art and science of designing furniture in SketchUp with Fine Woodworking's official blog. This unique book is a comprehensive guide to using SketchUp as a tool for designing furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects. This video preview of Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp demonstrates the enhanced features of this book. THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF “WOODWORKER’S GUIDE TO SKETCHUP IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Scroll to the bottom of the page if you live outside the United States to purchase this book via download.
At the moment it is only available on disc, but the good news is that I ship for free, no matter where in the world you are. Now you can download six free SketchUp drawings for projects published in Woodworking Magazine during the last four years. These files work with Google’s free drafting program, SketchUp, and allow you to take the projects apart, see the joinery and view the projects at any angle. These files were provided by draughtsman Louis Bois, who has been providing technical illustrations for Woodworking Magazine for the last couple issues. Sliding-lid Box: Also from Issue 2, this box is a great lesson in how to build drawer boxes (with one table-saw set-up) and makes a great home for your chisels. The google files are done with great care and I look forward to using both the cad software and building the trestle table. Even if you never draw a line with SketchUp, you can better understand projects before you head to the shop. The software is free from Google, and information about getting it can be found on the Popular Woodworking SketchUp Page.
And unlike the telephone in the kitchen that always sounded tinny after I put it back together, you can take things apart in SketchUp fearlessly.
As an interior designer ;whom interested in wood working, I use Sketchup for 75% of design and development tasks.
Our cost for the stamp is currently $6.55, and we ship around the world on a regular basis. These files are great for understanding how a project goes together before you start building it.

Louis does these drawings as a free service to the readers, so please join me in thanking him for his hard work. The plan will work as it is and there is no need for adjustment, resizing, or modification. There are icons for each of these commands that can be selected from SketchUp's Toolbar, however, it is much more effective to use mouse movements only, without selecting the icons.
If you want keep that units choice for future new models, see Tim's recent post about customizing your template.
The cost for postage has gone up recently so we can no longer ship internationally for free.
I’ve built this project about five times now for various family members and customers, and it is always well-received. You’ll find all of our models on our 3D Warehouse collection, accessible through our SketchUp page.
Sketchup is a magnificent tool and I hope many people get in the habit of using it more often.
When you have enough lines and faces for something to look like a piece of wood, make it into a component and it will behave like a piece of wood.

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