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Building an model plane from plans is a great way for the designer to add some different and unique model aircraft to a flying fleet.
A sure way to have an original and unique prototype RC model plane design is to build the model yourself from construction plans. A simple Google search for ‘free model airplane plans’ or 'design model planes' will bring up a variety of sites offering some type of model airplane plan. Thus, I would like to offer you a chance to obtain a complete and free CAD plan of the Snapper. You can print the downloaded Snapper CAD plan and enlarge it at your local reproduction store.
TheSnapper plan is an evolution of the Yard Ace, a three channel RC model airplane design of mine that was published in the September 2008 Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine. TurboCAD is a powerful and affordable consumer model airplane design program and is ideal for drawing model airplane plans.
Most plans can easily be done with the use of the software that involves the use of computer-aided design (CAD). Drafting a 3-view drawing of your desired plane may be an overwhelming task but is a requirement if you want to make precise RC plane plans. Create your own RC plane plans of a unique scale model and you will be the envy of your flying buddies. I've found few things are as satisfying as making your own plane, a blend of science and art, letting your creative genius out, and watching it takeoff and fly well as a result of something you designed and made with your own hands.
This step is as critical to get right as making sure all the parts of the plane were in the proper alignment. The balance point, or center of gravity for this, and many similar planes, is about 30% of the wing chord measured from the leading edge.
With both servos, both pushrods, the motor and prop, the receiver and speed control installed in the plane, place a round dowel on a table (I actually use a half-round). When the battery pack is in the plane, it should be centered such that cooling air can flow past both sides of the pack.

Lateral balance can also be checked and adjusted, but should be close already since each servo is about the same distance out from the centerline of the plane.
After one last blast of compressed air to remove final sanding dust, paint your new foam plane with whatever markings and colors you want. When weather permits, hand-launch the plane by holding it at the bottom near the balance point with one hand, over your head, with the transmitter in your other hand.
If you wait until the BEC on the speed control activates, you will need to judge your landing approach carefully and conserve or bleed-off energy as with all unpowered planes for a good landing. I have to conves that i never build a wooden plane before and never used a Cox to power a plane. You may have a list of the ideal RC planes that you wish to make but keep in mind that when you are just a beginner, you should focus on simpler ones and learn the basics first. The battery is placed into a cavity cut into the fuselage so that the plane will balance at the correct point for flight.
You can also make "putty paint" by mixing lightweight spackling putty in water to a paint-like consistency, then brushing it on the plane. Make sure the propeller is firmly attached to the motor with the front of the prop towards the front of the plane.
You can later on try the more complex planes when you already have experience and confidence. Balancing the aircraft is one of the most important steps in designing and building your RC plane. With a black sharpie and a ruler or yard stick, draw the parts of the plane onto the foam sheet. When measuring make sure the elevator and aileron are in the neutral position (a little tape may help hold them in place temporarily). No lead counterweights should be used to achieve the proper center of gravity, as this will increase the total weight of the plane, which you want to keep as low as possible. For example, instead of painting the entire plane, just put some colored highlights, panels, or stripes on it and leave the rest the natural white foam color.

You may give the plane full throttle when you throw it, or after it leaves your hand, but in any case don't let the propeller hit your hand. Experts say that buying plastic models for your RC plans help you during the design and build phase. It has a blue (used to be silver) plastic film on one side, and a white plastic film with blue lettering on the other.
And looking down at the top of the plane, the wing and stabilizer must also be in alignment to the fuselage. The front of the propeller should be towards the front of the plane, and the motor should rotate in the proper direction to direct airflow backwards. Remember, the most important measurements on this plane are the CG location, and just ensuring the entire plane is aligned straight. Once the cavity is cut, place the battery pack into the cavity (it should fit snugly) and make sure the plane still balances at the proper location. Depending on how well aligned the plane was, it may be necessary to adjust the trims in flight. The motor sits on these two dowels, and a plastic zip-tie goes around the motor and the dowels.
Adjust the battery pack forward or backwards in the fuselage if necessary (it should be right the first time), then you can do a final shaping of the nose of the plane (cutting a little foam off the nose will not change the CG). Make sure that when can already balance your plane, these components are secure in their position so no problem will arise.

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