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07 Jul. 2002

Sharpening angles for woodworking tools,steel boat building kits,free dremel wood carving patterns - Review

This patented Turning Tool Setter perfects the Tormek Sharpening System for woodturning tools. Three factors determine the shape of a gouge or a skew; by controlling them and repeating them at each sharpening you will get an exact replication of the shape every time.
Since a tool can have an unlimited number of combinations of shapes and edge angles, a new tool has a more or less different shape compared to any of the shapes on the chart.
Note the settings on a Profile Label, which comes with the TTS-100 setter and put it on the ferrule of the tool. For detailed instructions on shaping and sharpening gouges and skews, see the chapters SVD-185 and SVS-50 from the Tormek Handbook. Shaping the tool, which is normally a once only job, can take from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the tool and how much steel you need to remove.

The need for cautious steel removal and frequent cooling in water reduces the difference in time between shaping on a high-speed dry grinder and on the slow running Tormek water-cooled grindstone. Move the tool sideways and use the whole width of the stone so you avoid grooving the stone.
Therefore, you firstly need to shape your tool to one of these geometries; then the following sharpenings will be an easy task and done in less than a minute. The shaping can comprise a change of the skew angle on a chisel or the length of the wings on a gouge as well as a change of the edge angle.
The extra minutes it might take on the Tormek for the initial shaping are worth spending, since you will not risk changing the properties of the steel, which ensures that the tool stays sharp much longer. The Turning Tool Setter works equally well when setting the edge angle on the leather honing wheel.

Should you need a different shape, then buy another tool and grind it to your alternative shape.
With high speed grinding, you are easily tempted to speed up the grinding by pressing the tool too hard towards the grinding wheel.
This way of working will give you more time for turning and fewer interruptions for shaping and sharpening.
The strength of the Tormek method is in the sharpening, which is carried out with an exact replication of both the shape and the edge angle.

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