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16 Aug. 1990

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Once the spacers for the segmented woodturning are ripped it’s time to cut them to length. To the left is an example of the segments being tightened with the use of the large adjustable hose clamps. This woodturning how to video shows how to wood turn a segmented knob on a wood lathe using basic turning tools.
The YouTube woodturning how to video shows a woodturner tightening the segmented glue up into the lathe chuck and then turning a tenon.
A star pattern of maple emerges in the woodturning how to video as the woodturning project progresses.
Various grits of sandpaper are used to sand and smooth the wooden project of the woodturning how to video. Finally, the woodturning how to video shows how a wood finish of Tried and True varnish oil finish is applied. Segmented woodturning is a joy for the wood turner and turning a salad bowl set on the wood lathe can be a rewarding woodworking experience. In the picture you can see the salad bowl halves of the segmented woodturning as they are glued.
Turning on a lathe is enjoyable and you will find segmented wood turning to be a fascinating process.
Before I cut the staves for segmented woodturning, I always practiced making the angled cuts on the 10″ compound miter saw. As a wood turner I look back on this segmented woodturning project and remember this moment of learning this woodcraft.
This sequel continues our study to learn of one of the great woodworking crafts, segmented woodturning. After the yellow glue has set-up it is time to remove the masking tape and packing tape from the segmented bowl. With the base mounted on the woodturning lathe we will take the segmented assembly and fit the mortise and tenon together.

The wood finish for the segmented fruit bowl started with an application of SealCoat and finished with three coats of satin Arm-R-Seal. Segmented wood turning is an interesting and unique facet of the woodworking craft as you will see in part 1 of this woodworking video tutorial. Note: To ensure precision cutting of the stave segments a 10 inch Forrest Chopmaster saw blade was used on the compound miter saw. Precision cutting of the wood staves is made possible by accurately adjusting the miter saw blade with a digital angle gauge. In this woodturning project a parting tool, roughing gouge, and spindle gouge with a fingernail grind were used to wood turn the glue up. The staves for the segmented woodturning were cut on the ten inch compound mitre saw while the vertical spacers were ripped on the table saw and then sanded on the open drum sander.
In this woodworking video our focus shifts to learn how to woodturn the segmented fruit bowl. When we have a good fit we will then proceed with the glue-up of the two parts of our segmented woodturning. The segmented woodturning video reveals a spindle gouge with a fingernail grind for much of the interior and exterior wood turning. Accuracy is a must for segmented wood turning and shop accessories such as the angle gauge and a digital protractor are essential. The tape is holding the alignment of the segments so that the walnut spacers can be sandwiched between the maple segments.
This also gives us time to grab an adjustable metal hose clamp to secure the segmented woodturning. Since the star pattern is solid throughout the wooden block, the white tips of the maple star appear as white lines between the arched African mahogany on the outside perimeter of the segmented woodturning. On the cover of this magazine was a unique segmented woodturning sculpture by a very talented segmented woodturner, Malcom Tibbets. As I started making this wooden bowl I realized the critical importance of getting the angles of the saw blade right for accurate compound miters.

Moreover, the making of these segmented bowls requires total attention to detail along with a commitment to accuracy from start to finish.
We will also be sanding and finishing the fruit bowl that contains 24 segments of which there are 12 staves of light walnut and 12 vertical spacers of dark walnut. There are 12 staves for this wood bowl and the angles have to meet dead-on for the bowl to be made successfully.
The wood we are using in this segmented wood turning is light walnut for the staves, dark walnut for the vertical spacers, and ribboned mahogany for the base. Also, the woodturner wants to avoid any splatter of oil as it is applied to the woodturning project. Join me and learn how a wood turner makes segmented bowls on a wood lathe using the creative techniques of segmented woodturning. This was wood art that was quite extraordinary and it was easy to see that Malcolm was pushing the boundaries of woodturning. All miters matched up fine, but the two outsides angles were not quite flat when laid on the surface of the table saw. The segmented wood turning technique we are using for this wood project involves the use of 12 wood staves that we will cut on the 10 inch compound miter saw and also the 12 vertical spacers we will cut with a small fine toothed dovetail saw. In this woodworking tutorial we will focus on the accurate set-up of the of the compound miter saw using a Wixey digital angle gauge and a digital protractor.
However, I figured that I could sand the outside angles to have the remaining joints meet properly. From there we will concentrate on fitting and gluing all segments together by using yellow glue and masking tape.

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