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18 Nov. 2010

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When using sandpaper on metal materials it is a good idea to use closed-coated sandpaper because they are designed for metal surfaces.
Prior to sanding a wooden surface check carefully for any imperfections and remove any rough spots or planer marks. Sandpaper is used to scrub away any imperfections on the materials such as old paint and to smooth either the edges or the flat surface of the materials.
There are three types of backing material for sandpaper, which are: ordinary paper, waterproof paper and cloth. A sanding block is normally used for tougher jobs, so that you can wrap around it a piece of sandpaper and then using the sanding block you would have a greater grip for sanding.
One specific drawback with closed-coated sandpaper is that it clogs very easily with sawdust.
The latter is very important because although on the rough wood the imperfections may not seem very worrying, once the wood is finished, the imperfections will pretty much be the center of attraction, in a negative manner.

The aspiration when using sandpaper on wood is to smooth it as much as possible and on small edges and small areas it’s better to use your hand rather than a power tool.
Sandpaper can be found in many sizes, each according to the material you want it for and for what type of work you need it. Ordinary paper is relatively very cheap compared to other types of sandpaper and is manufactured for hand use rather than to use it with power tools. Alternatively you can use your hand especially when you are using fine sandpaper because you can easily manipulate your hand to reach difficult areas and in order to complete the finishing touches.
For metal surfaces you can use either aluminum oxide sandpaper or silicon carbide sandpaper. The grit of sandpapers available varies from very coarse (which are commonly used to remove rust on rough metal materials) up to very fine grits (which are commonly used for finishing works on delicate materials such as varnish). The former tends to last longer than the latter but silicon carbide based sandpapers are suitable for cutting hard materials, such as metal.

Obviously here we are talking about commercial sandpaper, that is, sandpaper commonly used in home jobs because industrial sandpaper is far more expensive because it is made out of better materials to suit the industrial sphere.
The cloth based back material of sandpaper is used when you need a certain amount of flexibility for you work. Nowadays sandpaper can be found in various shapes, such as sheets, discs, belts etc, this is because certain power tools use a special type of shape which is unique to them.

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