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09 Nov. 1974

Sanding wooden chairs,free standing bird feeder plans,poker table plans diy - PDF Review

Depending on the wood type, I sometimes need to sand before the last coat of primer goes on (the primer can raise the grain of the wood). If you sanded down to the wood, you’ve been careful to do thin coats of paint, and your piece of furniture is made of nice wood, you should still be able to see some nice wood grain through the paint like so. It’s in pretty good condition and has beautiful little details throughout – plus I needed a chair for my kitchen table, so this was perfect. I didn’t want the studs to appear on the front part of my chair, and I was lucky enough to be using a pillowcase (which means there were two layers of fabric), so I cut the fabric at the front, nailed that into place, and let the other layer hang over. It takes a LOT of sanding to remove old paint and stain, and I would get very weary of sanding if I had to do it manually.
I have been looking for such instructions to paint the arm handles of my ikea chair… this is the best I have found!
Make sure you use sandpaper that’s specifically made for wood – it should say so on the package.
Not all chairs are made like this one, but if your chair has upholstery nails, you can remove them with a screwdriver and pliers.

Place your chair on a drop cloth (or newspapers or an old sheet) to make sure the paint doesn’t get anywhere it shouldn’t! Use a medium to coarse grit sandpaper for weathered wood or furniture with a glossy finish. Depending on the size of the area to be sanded, I sometimes use a sanding block, but most often I just use a piece of plain sandpaper, since it can be bent and folded to reach into awkward areas.
I did manage to get almost entirely down to the wood grain here, but that’s not always necessary. If you’re not sanding, I also recommend buying the Zinsser or Kilz that indicates that sanding is not necessary. If you plan on using your chair outside, use exterior paint – mine will just be used indoors, so I used interior semi-gloss white paint. Sanding the wood will give the paint something to grip onto, so that it doesn’t just slide right off. The more water you add, the more diluted your paint color will be, so if you want more of the wood color to show up beneath the paint, use more water (and vice versa).

I left about an extra inch of the new fabric because I wanted it to hang off the front of the chair.
You can use the holes that are already in your chair as a guide for where to place your new nails. This gives it that beautiful “washed” look, allowing some of the original wood to show through.
This information will come in handy as I am diligently scouting around for old wood furniture to give new life to and use on our porch.
I have always sanded down real wood furniture and stained it, but never painted it…I love the look of wood too much! You’ll know you’re finished sanding when the wood turns a slightly different color and feels rougher to the touch.

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