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15 Jun. 1993

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As promised, here is my tutorial on How to Build A Media Center out of Pallets, so here we go! After the pallets were dry, I stacked two on top of each other across the entire wall and filled them with square wicker baskets. Lastly, once the pallets were in place I added the hardware for both a decorative and functional purpose.
Well I finally finished it today, the first of a few wood pallet projects… my attempt to recycle or repurpose wood and make something new with it. So I’m sitting here staring at this pile of reclaimed wood and thinking of how I can get started, my creative juices are flowing out-of-control at this point.
I started out with some pieces of a mattress box I had broken down, using the more finished pieces of the wood to construct a simple rectangular table frame.
So the next part was to take a few of the best pieces of wood I had from the pallets, and lined them up on the table top, getting them to line up as best possible.
After about an hour of sorting through my wood supply, I had picked out and aligned my top planks, thus completing the table’s top construction. While it’s hard to see the fine details of the tables wood pieces, you can really see the mix of wood planks I used, and how the rough pieces mesh well with some of the finer cuts. As I set out to build this and other pieces of DIY furniture I really felt great in that I was building something new with some old and very well used pieces of wood that might otherwise be broken down and either burned or piled up in a landfill somewhere. I did also use the grinder to round out some of the edges on the wood frame, because I didn’t have the right saw to cut the corners I needed. Thompson’s Waterseal did a great job at protecting this wood table from the outdoor elements.As you can see from these photos, the water beads very nicely!
Stumbled upon your blog from UCreate; Love to see more Housewives out here in blog land The pallet wall is BEAUTIFUL!

I chose this style because the boards were evenly placed across the pallet and they were all in tact.
The only issue is that the specific pallet I chose for this project only came in every few months so I had to wait for each shipment. My pallets had exactly 6 boards across, so I cut straight down the middle so there were three boards on each side. Apply another layer of glue, then place the second pallet section on top, creating your cube system.
I knew I wanted mine a dark stain so I chose a few samples and tested them out on the wood.
I love how you reused pallets and I really like the stain and the rustic color it gave your media center. As I may have mentioned this before, at this point I’ve already done a fair amount of collecting and breaking down wood from a few different sources, so I had my stock of wood ready for this project. I found the best few long pieces of wood that were all the same size and I attached them across each side, then along each side. As you can see, there are nicks, scratches, nail holes, and all kinds of marks in the wood pieces.
So, something to be said for using a grinder with a metal disc to literally burn off some wood; totally not the right tool for the job… but it worked! I liked that it was clear, and not a color stain, because I didn’t want to change the look of the different wood pieces I used. Use the wooden pallets to make a creative and innovative ideas on it, to enhance the beauty of the home by means of designing new furniture, table, fence to your garden etc. Wooden pallets are often treated with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and methly bromide, not to mention cross-contamination from what ever was shipped on the pallet.

For this project, it is extremely helpful to use pallets that are exactly the same size, this way they will fit together senselessly and the end result will look more polished.
I placed two layers of boards in between the pallets in order to fit the square baskets I was using.
Always remember to test out the stain first because each stain will take differently to different types of wood.
Gorilla glue is great but it is still just glue and with wood expanding and shrinking due to humidity and heat, I would not use solely glue. As you can also see here, along with the bigger pieces of the frame below, I added three pieces of wood under the top planks to give it more support. It’s unique as I doubt any two pieces of pallet furniture pieces are alike, and I have a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that I did it!
He also managed to find a second pallet to use for extra wood and to create the legs for our table. I love how you painted some of the wood with the navy blue- it looks so cool mixed in with the whitewash.
I didn’t over do it, but definitely spent some time smoothing out the wood and removing any splinters or bad spots.

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