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20 May. 2013

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If you abraded your porch like that every day, you wouldn’t see any damage either because you would have sanded it off!
Clear finishes will degrade very quickly on a porch because, unlike paint, they let the sun right into the wood where it can break down the lignins, which are essentially the connective glue that makes wood hold together. Paints are better at protecting wood from sun damage – they are much like wearing a sweatshirt to the beach; they block the sun from reaching the wood.
There is no magic bullet that will protect your porch forever; the longest you can completely neglect that wood is two years. Its fabulous, rich, almost red color looks good on every wood type, but is especially attractive on the older fir and pine of many porches. It is a one-coat finish that is water-resistant in 36 hours and ready for traffic after 48 hours – very helpful if you are trying to coat during the thunderstorm season. Covered porches will need an oil refresh every other year, but fully exposed decks will need touchups annually.

Call the shop at 651-698-5888 to place an order - we stock Pure and the Exterior wood cleaner and can ship! This means that the wheels of drum sanders and edgers can drop down into these channels,which will causing the business end of the sander to drop down as well, which can leave unexpected stop marks or divots.
If the deck isn't too cupped, the U-Sand can be a great solution - no wheels to fall between the cracks. And while it is perfectly legal for a homeowner to sand off this lead-paint bearing finish, the lead dust that you release will poison you and your neighbors. Wooden boat decks were constantly exposed to the elements and they never rotted – you should be able to sell me something that lasts like that.
If you find a clear finish that lasts five years on a south facing deck, buy stock in whoever makes it because it must be magic. But your porch was likely coated with something – porch paint or a varnish of some kind- and then simply ignored for years at a time.

Some decks are laid with slight gaps between boards or using boards with decidedly champfered edges (the top two edges are cut off at a slight diagonal). If the fasteners are not well counter-sunk, they will catch the sandpaper on your sander which will rip it off and waste money. But the good news is that if you refresh or reapply a top coat to your exposed porch every two years you should be able to avoid resanding it for at least a decade. Worse, they can damage the rubber pad of the sander itself, which will cost you even more money.

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