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05 Jan. 2013

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The User Manual contains 25 design ideas, plus instructions on the best way to create your own designs. This brass Router Inlay Kit from Whiteside will follow nearly any pattern you can design, giving you perfect fitting inlays. The pencil guide and pencil duplicate the cutting path of the router allowing you to practice your designs before cutting the project material. Create an unlimited amount of beautiful designs with the Spiro Crafter & elegant inlays with the Inlay Kit! Guide precisely simulates the distance between the bushings and the center of the router bit.

The woodworker is using a router in this woodworking article to create a recess in mahogany. When using a router to freehand the pattern, it is critically important that the woodworker takes his or her time. Now you can quickly and easily create hundreds of custom designs and patterns with this great product. He is simply testing to develop a strategy for when it becomes time to actually inlay the compass rose veneer. What this means is that the router is adjusted so that the bottom of the router bit is at the same level as the router’s base.

The specially engineered router base holds a variety of bushings that guide your choice of router bit within a CNC machined template. One beautiful feature of this DeWalt plunge router is that it has LED lights to illuminate the cutting area. By changing templates, template rotation, bits and bit height you can literally make an almost unlimited amount of custom inlays.

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