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22 Feb. 1994

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A swivel vice is useful but not as strong as a fixed vice so care must be taken if large forces are applied.
The largest professional engineering vices are held by 3 bolts and do not swivel as they need to be able to take very large forces from hammer blows, hacksaws and wrenches.
Irwin record also make more general purpose workshop vices with 2 bolts and also include the very useful anvil feature at the rear where flat metal can be struck and worked with a hammer. For the hobbyist or home workshop lower priced brands like Faithfull and Stanley make a wide range of bolt on and clamp on vices with or without swivel levers.
Metalwork vices can also be used on softer materials if inserts are used in the jaws and these are often available as accessories.

These tend to be wider than engineering vices, less precise and are usually bolted in a fixed position. As with the engineering vices the professional models are made from better materials and are more precisely engineered so will be smoother to use and hold materials more accurately and securely. These are generally smaller more lightweight vices that are not permanently secured to a bench but are either clamped on or in some cases secured via a sucker pad. Specialist vices: There are many more vices available for specialist tasks like drilling , welding and machining as well as many variations and sizes of woodworking vices. Irwin Record have been making these vices for decades and the most precisely machined models cost hundreds of pounds.

Some of the more specialist hobby or modelling vices may contain articulated arms to hold materials in different positions. Both types can be made to swivel, the bolted type use a swivel base and the clamped type often have a lever that allows the vice to swivel when loosened.

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