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You can build this 4x8 raised bed with basic carpentry skills (see the instructions on page two, at the end of this article).
Raised beds solved many of the garden problems that faced me 20 years ago in our new southern California home. Redwood is the material of choice for West Coast gardens, and once you have your materials together, the beds take only about half an hour to build. NorthwestNative writes: One solution to rotting boards is to line the planter box with garden plastic. The raised beds above hold 1.18 yards (32 cubic feet) of dirt if you leave a 3 inch gap at the top of the boards. Descolian writes: I used old railway sleepers for the construction of our garden beds, but after five years, some of the old hardwood rotted and allowed couch and Kikuyu grass to penetrate.
DirtyJohn writes: I've built 6 4x8 redwood raised beds, 20" tall with bench seat to be easy on knees and back.
If you read the research on Ever Guard and similar micronized copper products, it seems that although some preservative leaches out over a long period it is sequestered by the soils and not taken in to plants. Designing raised bed vegetable gardens is very straightforward and growing your own fresh produce is enormously rewarding.
Links to more information and sample plans for vegetable growing can be found at planning a raised bed vegetable garden. For information about how to grow vegetables generally, take a look at creating a successful home vegetable garden. One idea of raised vegetable garden plans with wooden Crates, Search attic and storage shed for wooden crates discarded.
Raised beds lend themselves to the development of complex agriculture systems that utilize many of the principles and methods of permaculture (agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient). If using timber to raise the garden bed, ensure that it is an untreated hardwood to prevent the risk of chemicals leaching into the soil. On the market are also prefab raised garden bed solutions which are made from long lasting polyethylene that is UV stabilized and food grade so it will not leach undesirable chemicals into the soil or deteriorate in the elements.

Sometimes raised bed gardens are covered with clear plastic to protect the crops from wind and strong rains. Construction-grade redwood, which contains knots and some imperfections, seemed like a logical choice, since we knew it would last many years and would cost less than $100 to build the eight beds.
I folded it over a piece of lathe and then secured the lathe to the sides of the planter box with staples. The client specified 12" deep beds, but I suggested at least 18" (given what they wanted to plant) given the nature of their native soil.
Having explored various other construction material options, from both a labour & cost perspective (with serious emphasis on bed depth), I chose to buy 8 of these kits to create two 4X12X1" (thick) X 18" deep beds.
Thanks for visiting!With spring now upon us, I’ve been asked by several of my clients about the viability of raised bed gardens for growing vegetables and, in one instance, flowers for cutting. Filled with the appropriate soil mix, they provide the excellent drainage needed to grow picture-perfect vegetables and flowers.
And if your objective is to grow tomatoes, building a raised bed against a sunny wall or fence means that heat-loving crops, such as tomatoes, will thrive and require less watering than those grown in pots. They can be created over large areas using any number of commonly available materials and efficiently maintained, planted and harvested using hand tools. A double skinned wall provides an air pocket of insulation that minimizes the temperature fluctuations and drying out of the soil in the garden bed. And here are 8 materials for raised bed gardens described in an excellent article in Houzz. I found the raised bed solution to be a great success, and only now am I having that first set replaced with new ones.
To a gardener (me), those words meant a warm southern exposure and a sizable empty space in which to plant a vegetable garden.The sizable sunny space turned out to be about 2,000 sq.
It has been 20 years since we built the beds, and we are beginning to see signs of wear that indicate we need to begin rebuilding. It keeps the beds from rotting for a LONG time (more than 20 years in my case) and helps keep the soil from drying out.

Use them as it is by placing it in a sunny spot and fill with soil, or withdraw funds to expose soil underneath. Pine that was treated using chromated copper arsenate or CCA, a toxic chemical mix for preserving timber that may leach chemicals into the soil which in turn can be drawn up into the plants, is a concern for vegetable growers, where part or all of the plant is eaten. I'm considering lining the interior sides with 4 mil plastic to keep moisture, dirt, and bugs from direct contact. Select rocks that are similar in size and line perimeter of bed to give appearance of your garden sprang from nature, take time to sit at bottom of rocks in ground, instead of just placing them on top of earth. My answer is quite simple; if you’re serious about raising vegetables or creating a cutting garden, constructing a raised bed make perfect sense.
Raised beds allowed us to set up an irrigation system that included a hose bib in each box.
Fill in around base of stone with first land to secure them in place, and then fill remainder of bed. For some beds, I have devised a system of hoops, using PVC irrigation pipe, over which to drape bird netting or row cover to keep cabbage loopers out.
On a granite ledge with no soil in New Hampshire, my husband had built a raised bed where I grew a small salad garden. Because the vegetable garden is the primary view from our kitchen, it has been an added pleasure to look out on the raised beds with their profusion of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers spilling over the edges. Second, we could leave the concrete in place and simply break up the portions under the boxes to provide drainage.
This made the edge of the box a comfortable height on which to perch and gave more than enough root run for the plants. I use bird netting during seed germination and clear plastic to warm pepper and melon seedlings.

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