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12 Jun. 2012

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Also cut support pieces to position on the legs, and screw into place at a height that is even with the other long support piece. Made from sustainable plantation-grown fir, the VegTrug is a beautiful elevated garden planter that is built to last.
Raised garden beds organize your planting areas, making them easier to manage and more convenient to maintain.
Sunset offers plans for a simple cedar raised garden bed that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, making the middle easy to reach from either side. Line the inside of a reclaimed pallet with landscape fabric, fill it with soil, plant it with the herbs, veggies or flowers of your choice and lean it up against a wall. Another pallet garden concept reuses boards from old pallets – without having to pull any nails. In this simple project, branches are woven around stakes to create a beautiful and durable border for a raised garden bed.
Another DIY raised garden bed idea using free, natural materials that you can gather in your backyard is this one from Instructables. Water troughs from farm supply stores make attractive extra-large containers for gardens, and the metal kinds can be painted any color you like.
While there have been some debates about whether used tires are safe to use for planting edibles, many people feel that it’s most likely safe.
I want to start a garden this spring and this is really great for a planter idea if you just build it up more. Its easy working height of 31-inches means no more bending or kneeling to plant your garden, making it perfect for wheelchair users or the elderly. Any excess water will drain through the slats so that soil conditions in the planter remain moist but not too wet.

Sidestepping potential issues with soil quality, reducing pest problems and virtually eliminating the need to weed, raised beds are an ideal way to grow herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants. This project could be as simple as placing potted plants inside the drawers, or you could staple landscape fabric to the inside and fill them with soil. Smaller plastic baskets fitted with PVC pipes are placed upside-down inside the larger bins, and the whole thing is filled with soil.
This vertical garden is quick, simple and inexpensive with beautiful results; get the tutorial at Life on the Balcony. Cutting the boards off each side of the support beams produces a nice pile of lumber for creating a totally free planter box. The base of the bed was turned upside down and filled with soil to create the main part of the new raised garden. Burlap sacks, as pictured, work great, but you can even plant directly into bags of soil from the nursery. The compact rotational garden utilizes a small space efficiently while maintaining easy access to each section. The weather here was absolutely gorgeous, so I took the opportunity to work on a project outside–building an elevated garden table. Have gardened in raised garden boxes, plus a huge homemade greenhouse that I designed for 32 years.
Once you have put it together, simply place the pre-formed liner into the VegTrug so that the top edge overlaps. It will fade in color when placed in direct sunlight, and should be treated on an annual basis. If you plan on growing from seed, it is advisable to use sterile potting mix in starter pots or trays, then transplant the young starters into your VegTrug planter.

Here are 13 great DIY garden bed ideas and tutorials, many of which reclaim materials like pallets, bed frames and water troughs.
Salad tables lift these vulnerable greens up off the ground to reduce pest problems and make them easier to access. Make this concept even more convenient by placing the bags inside raised beds or on a table, like that used for the salad table concept. These table gardens can be made to any size, and are perfect for people who live in apartments or condos, or who people who have a tiny back yard with no space for an in-ground garden.
Plants have needs like people, water, food and environmental, DO NOT USE anything labeled Miracle Grow on these plants, ONLY rich composted soil. He has become disabled and can’t bend over to reach the ground or lean forward from a sitting position, but he loves to garden as it reminds him of childhood with his great-grandmother. Fold the liner back over the top edge of the VegTrug, and pull the drawstring to tighten the liner and hold it into place whilst filling the VegTrug with a suitable potting mix.
Once the potting mix is in place, release the drawstring and tuck the liner down to be level with the potting mix. We recommend that you put the VegTrug in place before you fill it with potting mix, as it will become heavy.

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