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We once built a roof on a shed in the middle of winter for a friend when it was sub-freezing temperatures. Listen to our discussion with Bill Hippard of the Metal Roofing Alliance - get ideas and tips!
Before tackling a porch roof construction project there are several factors you'll want to consider for your overall porch roof plan.
Your porch roof pitch should maintain the same pitch (also known as rise and run) as the other roof lines on your home, or as a minimum, the pitch of the roof directly above the porch roof.
Now is the time to plan for your ceiling lights, outdoor fans, switches, and yes, even receptacles for your holiday lights! Plan for porch swings or other heavier objects you may want to hang from your porch ceiling. Cutting and fitting the rafters, probably the trickiest part of roof framing, can be intimidating until you get the hang of it (no pun intended).

In porch roof construction, the shape of a roof helps to define your home's architectural style while the roof materials define its character.
Gable Roofs: Have two sloping surfaces from the ridge (usually in the center, joining at the side walls. Gambrel Roofs: Often found in French colonial and Ranch styles, gambrel roofs have two slopes to each side, the lower slope being much steeper. Shed Roofs: Shed roofs often appear as a flat roof from the street and often appear to be one half of a gamble roof. A shed roof has only one slope and is typically the most prevalent porch roof construction design. Shed roofs are easy and fast to build, don't need extensive flashings and have no ridges, hips, or valleys to contend with.
Many homeowners neglect to consider their electrical needs when undertaking a porch roof construction project.

What about those holiday lights you put up every year and run extension cords all over the place.
See our porch electrical systems guide for more information regarding your electrical system and its capabilities.
The information contained herein is general in nature, no two projects nor any two porches are the same.
With a little planning you can avoid having to create work-arounds or in some cases, not being able to have the fixtures you'd like or in the locations that would better suit your needs.
It is less expensive but having to walk across a large porch to turn on specific lights in the dark is inconvenient.

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