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You know how valuable power racks are in the quest for muscle, and how expensive they can be. All of the lumber and other components for this rack can be found at your local Lowes, Home Depot or other good hardware and supply stores.
These boards are the core of the rack and will take the most abuse so be stingy and pick 8 of the best you can find.
After you construct the left and right sides of the rack there are three boards remaining (boards B, E and H).
For my rack, the overall height is 2" below my floor joists so I used a spare 2x2 that I screwed to the bottom of the joists then connected the left and right sides of the rack to it with several metal "L" brackets and wood screws. InTimmyDator After hemming and hawing I am going to build the rack taking some modifications from each person. Lalo the tuffest neighborhood guy hey I was thinking about building my own power rack like these ones shown. Homemade Power Rack and Lat Tower Aug 05, 15 08:14 AMHomemade Power Rack and Lat Tower. The power rack is the core of any bodybuilder's home gym, and unfortunately it's one of the most expensive components you will buy. The overall price of the rack will vary depending on your local prices but careful shopping should get you in the $120-140 range for everything.
I happened to use a wolmanized board on my rack as that was the next grade above the cheap stuff. These three boards are what will tie the two sides of the rack together to complete the assembly. Ray, it looks like all you do is hand tighten the pipe cap to keep the rack pins from spinning. This is by far the BEST homemade power rack I've seen, along with very detailed plans on how to build it.
Even a basic, no-frills power rack will cost over $400 when purchased new and shipping charges can be substantial if purchased online.
You will need a powerful plug-in electric drill instead of a cordless unit for cutting the many holes that will need bored in the legs. Higher ceilings can use 2x4 attached to the top boards and running at a 45 degree angle up to the ceiling.There is no right or wrong way for this as long as you can add something to reduce movement of the top of the rack. This will allow the collars on the olympic bar to clear the sides of the rack and sit freely on the pipe fittings.

Although when i got to putting my bar on the rack i noticed it is too short haha, so i guess if any1 else builds this rack check your bar and make adjustments or be prepared to buy a new bar(i need a new 1 neway). I'm very interested in getting a good rack for my home gym and if I can save a few hundred bucks by building one, I'd prefer to go that route. I am getting into doing dips nowadays and I was wondering if it would be possible to put a dip station add-on somewhere on the power rack.
Also, your measurements only give you 1" of wiggle room either side when you're racking the bar. This would set me back $90 to add these two options, but i would still be coming in much cheaper than buying a power rack and I think this option would be very convenient. If for some reason you absolutely cannot connect the rack to your ceiling then the plan shows adding two 45 degree kicker boards at the top of the frame. Boards "B, H and E" (reference the power rack plan PDF) need to be cut approximately 2.5" shorter.
I used plywood to support the uprights, used 2x8s for the top, and used black pipe for a chin-up bar and to hold the front together.
I can't lift that much now, but I imagine I'd at least have 400lbs on the rack at any one point.
If a new rack is out of your price range and playing the Craigslist waiting game is not for you then read on, as we'll show you how to build a quality wood power rack for under $150 using basic tools and simple construction techniques.
A sheet of 4x8 plywood set up on a few saw horses or 5 gallon buckets makes a nice assembly bench and can save a lot of time being on your hands and knees. Of all the boards in this rack, the eight 2x6 members for the vertical legs are where you need spend the money and buy the better grades.
Be sure to buy one extra 2x4x96 for bracing the top of the rack to your ceiling structure (see end of article for this procedure).
The bottom braces are the last step for this side of the rack; build the opposite side using the same methods.
Measure your olympic bar to verify this measurement before cutting these boards.Pair this homemade power rack with this homemade weight lifting bench. The rack boards are about 3" thick as well, so you just tighten the pipe cap by hand to keep the pipe assembly from spinning. Sometimes rain blows through the screen, and I'd hate to build a rack from untreated lumber, and then see it rot in my gym.
I was planning on making this rack so I can start out properly, do the workouts without added stressors.

I still feel it was well worth money, even if I am approaching the low end cost of a manufactured rack.1. No way am I using wood!" Yes we've all seen pictures of some guy using a rickety power rack he built from spare 2x4s that's just an accident waiting to happen. Here are some pics of the build and completed rack Next improvement is to add some ceiling bracing and paint. Now the money you saved can go towards some extra plates and protein powder for your next workout. To avoid having the rack in the way only use the inside for the top two bars and problem is solved.
Definitely tough to beat the price on this rack but I want to know if anyone has tested it with heavy weight crashing down. Built properly to utilize wood's compressive strength and treated with some care (not intentionally abused) the rack we're going to build should last for many years of heavy lifting. Wood also has some advantages over a steel rack, mainly being that this rack can easily be customized to fit your gym space.
Do this for EVERY screw in the rack.Once you have the 4 leg members screwed together we need to layout the spotter hole pattern on each leg. The boards will dry out after several weeks but I didn't want to wait this long before building the rack, lesson learned.Once the four legs are done the rest is easy! Low ceiling heights in basements or garages can be a challenge for some commercial power racks which are usually 82" or taller. Your needs may not require as many holes as I placed on my rack so the total number is your judgment call.
I do like having the very top holes for moving the spotter pins out of the way when not used and the bottom set is handy for racking the bar when doing dead lifts and rows. By building the rack in "sides" it will allow you to easily transport the rack to your home gym and do the easy final assembly there.Referencing the plan, start with screwing the two bottom boards of each side together to form an "L" shape (boards D and G). Here is where the plywood bench can help you easily square the frame up by using the table edges.

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