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07 May. 2003

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I’ve seen a jig as simple as a thin board with a mounting hole on one end, and a series of pivot points on the other. Ha, that describes my circle cutter build that took seconds to make and has never failed me. Also I’d draw then use a jigsaw for an occasional circle, but that might be related to my lack of router skills.
To use the jig I mark the center of the square of wood and punch a small hole in the center using an awl.
It seems to work quite well however I first had problems because of the radius I was cutting. This band saw circle cutting jig is simple and easy for a fairly new woodworker to construct and works beautifully. Alternately, you could cut these circles on a band saw using a circle-cutting jig made for that machine. Tim Inman: Depending upon the size of the circles, I would suggest either a band saw jig or one for the router.

I use the band saw jig to cut circles for the bottoms of turned bowls and cups all the time.
I’ve always cut perfect circles on the table saw with a very simple jig I learned of about 40 years ago. There was something similar to this that let you cut out very large (but perfect) circles using a bandsaw. You can just mark which hole you used and it is a easy reference to repeat that size circle. Regarding cutting those plywood circles, if I was making just one lazy Susan, I’d probably use a plunge router mounted on a circle-cutting jig. For one plan, see Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s “Circle-cutting Jig with Fine Adjustment” in our February 2015 print issue. A band saw with a sharp, fine-tooth blade will provide clean edges, and it’s easy to find plans for a band saw circle-cutting jig online.
Drill a small hole partway into the bottom face of the plywood (where it won’t show anyway), set the circle-cutting jig to the radius of circle you want, and then cut the circle round in a series of several deepening passes with the jig’s centerpoint fixed in the pilot hole.

Either a straight bit or an upcut spiral bit will do this job nicely, but be sure to use sharp bits to minimize splintering when the bit passes through to the other “show” face of the plywood.
Then cut your plywood lazy Susan tops slightly oversize, secure the template to them with a few pieces of double-sided tape, and use a pattern or flush-trim bit in your handheld or table-mounted router to trim them to final size. Drive a small nail in the wood the distance of the radius of the circle you want to cut from one edge just so the point sticks through.
I can’t give the whole set of instructions for constructing the jigs here, but the basics are the same for either tool.

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