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19 Jul. 1994

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Wood Veneer For Plywood Production -- Wood veneer for plywood production at a furniture factory left to dry in a metal rack.
The hydrothermal processing of plywood raw material is performed before veneer peeling to increase the plastic properties of timber and to provide qualitative veneer. Timber products for the peeled veneer manufacture are supplied to the enterprise in blocks. Peeling is a process of timber cutting at which a continuous tape of wood - veneer - is removed from the rotating block by the forward moving knife.
Veneer is sorted by the grades: B, BB, CP (WG), C - for the external layers and for internal layers according to the technological instruction.
Repairing of veneer is a technological process of veneer elevation with the purpose of increase of its grade. This process includes application of a glutinous layer to veneer by the glue application machine tool by passing of the veneer sheets between the rotating glutinous drums and stacking of veneer sheets in a certain sequence depending on the grade and thickness of plywood. Plywood is glued by hot technique in hydraulic press with maintenance of a certain temperature mode depending on the mark and thickness of plywood.

This operation is made with the purpose of giving the certain geometrical sizes to plywood. This operation is carried out for alignment of plywood surface and elimination of difference in thickness, and also for giving the product more attractive commercial appearance. At sorting the following is determined: the amount and defects of timber, defects of processing, durability of gluing, sizes, deformation of sheets. Plywood is stored in the specially equipped warehouse of finished goods with the environment protection provided. The repairing includes removal of defects from veneer sheets with the subsequent closing up of these places by inserts from qualitative veneer, and also gluing of face cracks with glutinous tape, or stapling of cracks with metal clips.
The operation is made over each sheet by format-edging machine tools located one after another and making paired scrapping of two parallel edges of a sheet.
The sorters of plywood visually determine the grade of each sheet and reveal the hidden defects: stratifications, bubbles. Bubbles are found by knocking the surfaces of plywood with wooden hammer or with the help of automatic ultrasonic defect scopes.

Plywood is subject to protection from above and from below by covers and from the lateral faces - by facings. At sorting the manual completion of plywood is also carried out with the purpose of elimination of some defects, for example, additional polishing of separate places, puttying of cracks. The marks of packages are made by an indelible typographical paint and are put onto two opposite facings of a package. Some sheets of plywood are directed for additional scrapping with the purpose of elimination of defects which cannot be removed by sorting.
Films and laminates imprinted with various patterns improve the panel's frictional properties.

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