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13 Aug. 2014

Plans to build a squirrel proof bird feeder,carport construction austin,diy furniture blog,how to carve wood with power tools - For Outdoors

Anyone who puts up a birdfeeder hoping to to enjoy the birds will soon attract unwanted guests - squirrels.
I just tilted the band saw table by 10 deg or so and I just cut the base plate using the inside cut of the outside diameter of the 4 inch pipe. This way you don't need to be precise on the circle cut and don't need the screws for stopping the plate either.
I know that pretty much all spray paint is highly toxic to birds - especially the paint residue itself that will certainly get on the seed as it moves through the pipe - so this is a much better option for not damaging wild birds' health!

Also getting longer ones would allow you to feed it from 1 slot, through the feeder, and out the other slot - any excess could be trimmed off. 16Step 16: Make the "flexi-perches" Put the base plate on your work surface with the inside facing up. It sure is good to have it near some trees and shrubs though, so the birds feel safe and have a place for quick escape. Just an FYI, I plan on making my next base using some steel horse shoes - the kind for the game, because I have 3 that I got for a dollar at an auction.

Now my vining plants (gourds, squash, watermelons, etc.) grow vertically, getting a lot more sunshine while saving ground space, too. The feeder is 2 feet high plus 1 foot of rod above the feeder, where it has an eye to hook onto the hanger.

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