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You can buy ramp plans at your local skate shop or you can check out this set of ramp plans here. Once you've got your quarter pipe plans and your tools and materials together, find a space to work (like a garage or backyard), and lay out your supplies. Once you've cut your pieces to size, based on your plans, it's time to start putting your quarter pipe together. Once you've built the framework, you should prep the top pieces of the plywood by soaking them with cold water for about an hour.
For a smoother transition, sand the bottom edge of the top sheet at an angle even with the ground.
Reading about building a quarter pipe is much easier than actually building a quarter pipe - so try finding someone who's already built a quarter pipe or some other small construction project to help you out.
Sketch on the plywood a basic curve of your ramp and add an extra flat spot at the top, a little shorter and a little longer for distance and taller for height.
Decide where you want the 2x4's (for the curve-the ones for support need to be nailed to the plywood without notches) in the middle panel and cut the notches.
To make a catch ramp you can do that with less of a curve, or make a long triangle with some supports across the center, and down the sides and middle! For a table top you basically just make a sturdy box, or a "table" shape and add plywood to the top.
Adding a layer of thin wax can make your ride on the ramp smoother, as well as adding a certain degree of cushioning in the probable event that you fall. To better visualize and place your ramp you can use 3D Modeling software to design your back yard and place a mock-up of the ramp, check out google's free Sketchup software. If you want a finished look, add some more sheets of plywood to the back.This could be the launch ramp of a table top or just a plain ramp to get up on a picnic table. Meet HelperT2895, a medical student from India who has been active on wikiHow for over 2 years. To prevent wear and water damage I like to use a few final touches to make the ramps last waaay longer.

Now that you have some general tips and guidelines you can get into the basic ramps on these other pages. Thick plywood doesn't like to bend, so for the face piece (the curve) you want it to be thinner.
He enjoys checking new edits in Recent Changes Patrol, cleaning up bad category additions in the Category Guardian, and voting on deletions for low quality articles. You'll make a mess and the 'rents will have very little enthusiasm for helping you with future do-it-yourself projects.
Find the free ones - they are just as good or better than buying them, and for wood ramps you almost always need power tools. Pressure treated (PT) lumber and plywood is best to use for ramps that are to be stored outdoors.
To do this you need to protect them with paint or water seal, give them proper slope, drainage and more.Sealing the RampSealing and gluing the ramps in all the right places will make the difference.
However, if you are able to store your ramp indoors or need it to be light-weight for portability, use untreated lumber as it decreases weight and saves money. These are simple and quick things you can do that will keep the ramp going far longer than most others.White glue is all you need to make the ramp feel like it is made of iron. Figure out where you want your 2x4s for support of the curve, no more than about a foot between each. Nail it to the 2x4 underneath all the way across in several places, this will help keep the curve nice, and from the start nailing a few nails into each cross member make sure the nails are going into the 2x4's! If you really want to get picky you can use 3" deck screws for the structure and 1" ones for the sheathing.It is best to use ones that are threaded all the way up the neck for the sheathing. For new editors, he suggests you check out the Spellchecker or Tips Patrol and dive right in! There may even be legal reason not to build a permanent structure.Many places will have by-laws that restrict or prohibit the use of permanent structures like ramps on many properties. That means that the city where you live can fine you or force you to tear down what you have built if it does not fit within the building code.

If you want the ramp to stay that way pretty much permenantly place some glue in all the squeaky cracks you can find. Something long enough to get good grip and wide enough that they don't pinch the skating surface. So think about whether you want things permanent before you drench the ramp.Glue is also a great protector from excessive wear.
I will show you how.ConnectionsMost connections I show on my skateboard ramp plans can be done with just two deck screws. On the part of the ramp that meets the ground you can brush and smother the areas that get the most wear with white glue. If you follow the directions properly there will always be secondary support and bracing made by other parts of the ramp like the sheathing.
It is so easy to do and adds a huge amount of life to the lip of the ramp.Water drainageIt is very important that you set any level surface at a slight angle to drain water away. You can pop the staples out with a hammer and use the sheet again without big screw holes.Cut listsEventually I will provide you with an accurate list of materials for each project.
I did a structural analysis once in college and it turned out the skateboard ramp plans I made were very well equipped to handle to loads the received.Remember, the loads created from these projects are not that huge.
Only watch out for insects looking for a place to nest in the holes.Air CirculationIt is good to have some air circulation to the inside of the ramp. Go here for in depth description and then come back to this page after.Picking the skating surfacesDepending on your budget there are many options for the surface of your ramp. In each of the skateboard ramp plans I will show you the cheapest the best and some other ways to make a smooth skating surface that lasts.

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