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25 Sep. 2011

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Saturday morning finds me scrounging for 2 x 4s around the buildings and yard after doing some rough estimates based on an Internet picture of a pig lean-to. Wasting the equivalent of a feeder’s worth of feed by running it into a manure pit can definitely have a negative impact on feed efficiency.
Making sure equipment is properly maintained is just one example of the ways the person working in the barn can impact feed efficiency. Tokach encourages barn managers and growers to follow correct feed budgets and take note of amino acid levels, proper energy levels and how fiber content and withdrawal of distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) can influence feed efficiency on a carcass basis.
Managing the pigs’ environment means maintaining air quality and minimizing heat stress and cold temperatures. While feeder dividers can make it more difficult to adjust feeders, they do allow more pigs to eat at one time because pigs are forced to stand perpendicular to the hog feeder. Unloading the barn is yet another area where a barn manager can have a tremendous impact on feed efficiency. To get more information on grain weight conversion, hog feeders, and hay feeders, please visit Barn World.
To get more information on bulk feed bins, livestock scales, and radiant under-floor heating, please visit Barn World. Talk to local farmers, herders and breeders if you have questions about the proper care of young pigs. Not every company with a booth or exhibit at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines this week claims that their product can save feed. Kevin Curry at Alpharma tells us about their BMD feed additive, active ingredient bacitracin antibiotic. At Ralco Nutrition, national sales manager Tom Lattimore tells me about a feed ingredient product called EnMax, which lets them formulate pig feeds on net energy, using more crystalline amino acids and enzymes, less soybean meal (100-150 pounds less per ton), and more corn.
Farther down, Olmix is a French company with a couple of products, one of which is a feed ingredient called MMi. Next, Scott Schneider of Aova Technologies tells me about his product, called, simply enough, Big Pig (their motto: Big is Better).
Now I’m hearing about MorindaMax, a feed additive for just-weaned pigs only and fed for those early weeks. Feed Logic employees show me an incredible feed mixing machine that mounts on a ceiling rail inside a pig barn. The hog feeders were adjusted to the minimum gap setting, but the agitation plate could be moved upward to a maximum gap setting of 0.75 in. Pigs were given ad-lb access to feed and water and fed a four-phase, corn-soybean meal-based diet containing 20% distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS), as depicted in Table 1. Pig performance on feed was calculated by weighing pigs and measuring feed disappearance on Day 0, 14, 28, 42, 56, 70, 84 and 91.
Evaluations of feeder pan coverage indicated narrow-adjusted pig feeders averaged approximately 48% coverage (Figure 1), while wide-adjusted feeders averaged approximately 85% coverage (Figure 2).
Overall, these results suggest that, regardless of feeder trough space, pigs fed with the wide feeder adjustment wasted more feed and grew less efficiently.
With many parts of the world affected by weather extremes, feed for horses is getting more expensive and less readily available, so it makes sense to stretch what you can get as far as possible.
I had to put a screen on one so that the ‘hog feeder‘ (2nd in command) allowed someone to share with him! The biggest issue with this is that they just stand around in one place for a large part of the day – at least they have to walk down the hill to get to water. So I started looking for ideas on how to make some way of containing hay that made them work to get it, and could be easily put up in several places around the 10 acres they occupy. Now, as the track gets eaten down, I can let the youngsters in the middle for a few hours a day to eat a bit extra, and the mare can stay out on feed she can tolerate, supplemented with a bit of hay and her regular minerals and chaff. In spring, the track is the safest place for equines prone to laminitis, tender hooves, and behavioural problems associated with rye grass consumption – or even with weed consumption such as flatweed (false dandelion) that causes stringhalt. Feeder cattle futures posted moderate to stout gains on Monday, supported by lower corn and higher fats. Hay and haylage are the recognised feed but now we have even more choice with many different bagged forage products designed to cater for horses with various feeding problems. Feeding from the floor in the natural position is an aid to maintaining clear sinuses and helps to alleviate back and neck problems.
To get more information on a cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our cattle guards informational site.
To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our bulk feed bins informational site. To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our cattle gestation chart informational site.
To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our cattle scales informational site.

To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our grain weight conversion informational site.
To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our hay feeders informational site. To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our hog feeders informational site. To get more information on cattle guards, cattle scale, cattle guard, or pig feeder, please visit our livestock scales informational site.
Livestock scales play a large part in the lives of veterinarians who specialize in the health care of farm animals.
As you can see, livestock scales can be found in more places than just the veterinarians office.
I’ve never owned pigs, never even was a close friend of someone who raised homestead pigs. We, I, looked on Craigslist for feeder pigs, made arrangements on cost and delivery, and began to get ready. The employee helping us asked what we planned on feeding the pigs, to which I informed him I had not gotten that far in my research. Using the metal roofing panels as my important measurements, adding the fact from a pig book that the one pig needs 25 sq.
I needed a feeder, and the one at the farm store was way too pricey, but now I had food and nothing to put it in.
The day drags at a Christmas Eve pace until the farmer’s truck pulls up, with a pig carrier on the back.
The next few hours were spent taking care of a lot of important projects near the pig pen, and no, I assured everyone, I was not just working nearby to watch the pigs. Mike Tokach, Kansas State University (KSU), says focusing on specific tasks prior to loading a barn with new pigs, during the loading phase, while doing daily chores, and again when the barn is unloaded can have a positive influence on feed efficiency. Before a new group of pigs enters a barn, the feed bins should be emptied to ensure pigs can start on appropriate diets. If you don’t take the time to make the permanent repair before the next group of pigs enters the barn, you could end up with a disaster,” Tokach says.
Making sure pigs are healthy, implementing euthanasia plans in a timely manner and making sure pigs have water available at all times are important steps. Tokach recommends 50% pan coverage for most dry feeders now instead of previous recommendations for 15-25% pan coverage. Tokach says savings can be made by withdrawing feed 12 to 18 hours prior to pigs being processed at the slaughter plant.
Typically, a young pig is weaned from the sow at around 8 weeks of age and weighs 40 pounds. Ration feeders require adjustments allowing only a certain amount of food dispensing at one time; gravity feeders fill a trough to a leveling point and then stops dispensing. If the stud welded on to the adjustment lever is broken then the hog feeder is dispensing too much food.
House slaughtering hogs in a small area preventing running so that bulking up requires less feed. If you plan on keeping sows to raise your own piglets you will also need some type of farrowing house.
Corn is the number one feed for hogs, but you will need some type of supplement to feed along with it.
Lee Drewelow of the company says his feed grinder is actually a roller mill, with two rolling drums that turn at different speeds and crush the corn into finer particles than the other kind of grinder, a hammermill. This natural product promotes hygiene of the pig’s gut, explains Alain Reocreux, the international development manager.
Big Pig is a natural egg powder antibody that is added to nursery and finishing feeds at 1.5 pounds per ton. That machine picks up feed ingredients at one end of the barn, than rolls along the rail to automatically dispense the feed into feeders in each pen. They are getting ready to do a trial with one product, Bactocell, fed with distillers’ grains from ethanol plants. One product is an individual sow feeder that, by reading an ear tag, feeds each animal exactly what you have programmed into the computer. Keep feeders adjusted properly, regardless of trough space, to maintain good feed efficiency. Pictures of feeder pan coverage were taken once during each feeding phase, and a panel of four judges scored the feeder pan pictures by the percentage of pan coverage. However, those pigs exposed to the wide feeder gap setting had increased average daily feed intake (ADFI), which resulted in a tendency for poorer feed conversion, suggesting that the increase in feed intake with the wider feeder gap setting, actually produced an increase in feed wastage (Table 2).
He says if there is adequate to excess feeder space, opening feeders too much can increase feed disappearance and result in poorer feed efficiency, particularly after approximately 150 lb.

Piglets around 8 week of age can begin to use a nipple waterier which keeps the drinking water clean.
The fence doesn’t have to be as tall for a pig as some animals, but it needs to be sturdy, especially at the bottom. There, John A’Mara explains their line of stainless steel hog feeders, called Feed Ease Equipment. The finer particles (650 microns versus 1,000 for the hammermill) means there is less dust, less feed separation, and more efficient conversion in the pig’s gut.
Dan Hamilton, their technical services manager, tells me that they have a new terminal sire line that is bred just for feed efficiency. Slager tells me about one of their farmer customers in Illinois who feeds those screenings back to his gestating sows as 60% of their ration.
It targets an enzyme in the gut, which in turn reduces inflamation there to allow feed energy to go towards growth, he says. It mixes a slightly different feed formulation to each pen, depending on the size of the pig and the computer instructions that you, the operator, have given to it.
But it says it is the booth of the Northern Pulse Growers Association, promoting the feeding of peas. These scales also play a big role in the upkeep of healthy animals in zoos around the world. We ended up purchasing 250 pounds of pig ration and cracked corn, and I could scratch one more item off my ever-expanding list.
Obviously, feed efficiency is not going to be very good if you start pigs out on a diet that is 40% below their lysine requirement,” Tokach says.
However, if pigs are restricted on feeder space, opening feeders will increase average daily feed intake and average daily gain. The goal of adjusting feed is to minimize the waste of feed from spillage and over-feeding. I would suggest to anyone that wants to get started raising pigs start on a small scale basis.
The Cadillac of the lineup is a grow-finish feeder that has a water nipple right in the feed trough. Combined with their most feed efficienct female line, the offspring will consistently use .15 pounds less feed per pound of gain than other genetics.
In theory, this lets each pen of pigs get a different feed formulation each day as they grow up to market weight. They get a five-percent improvement in feed efficiency, bringing our net gain now up to 54%. Depending on their weight, it sorts them off into a feeder pen with just the right feed for their size. Also, pigs tested on the wide feeder gap setting had increased ADFI and poorer feed efficiency, similar to the response observed during Day 0 to 56 (Table 2). To get a drink, the pigs have to run water onto the feed, which encourages consumption of both.
Spread over the 20 pigs she produces, that’s a net gain of five percent in total feed efficiency.
The weight of a hog feeder is substantial making it difficult for the hog to knock the feeder over.
They waste less of the liquid feed, partly because when the pigs step back from the feeder, there’s less dry feed stuck to their mouth that can drop into the manure pit. The result is that pigs of various sizes can be kept in one big pen, and each gets just the feed he (or she) needs. I’m going to add that, and get 67% improvement in feed efficiency, using all of these products that have been pitched.
It should be easy to clean and pig snout proof, and was near enough to not be a hardship walking out slop. Do not work these panels in place until a pig hut and feeder are in place, otherwise you have to undo them to get them in.
Add that to the Feed Ease feeder, and our combined savings are now 17% — we’re getting there! In theory, this should give a good savings in feed efficiency, and keep pigs moving out to market before they get too big.
I decide on the spot that when given a range, I’m going to take the high end, in this case, 7% better feed efficiency. Feng Shui practitioners have not found as many configurations as I did, trying for the most pig-friendly layout of the pig yard.

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