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05 Mar. 1997

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This unique study of the role of the bread oven in rural Quebec society also gives complete instructions on how to build a traditional outdoor bread oven. Outdoor brick oven with a slatee roof and brick in a Flemish bond patternand granite landing to match the house.
After participating in the 2003 MHA French bake oven workshop, he returned to Japan and built his own oven. A simple, fully-illustrated handbook for making an oven from earthen materials (similar to adobe and cob).Provides clear, step-by-step instructions for building and firing the oven. Little Stream – 4 foot by 6 foot hearth, this oven was producing 1800 loaves per week at Little Stream Bakery near Perth, Ontario.
Hi: I was thinning out my email inbox today, and I ran across this note, which reminded me that you wanted pictures of the oven I eventually built.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of us when we were actually cooking (on this computer anyway), but I have attached four of the (more or less) finished oven itself. To link to More or less finished oven article, copy & paste the following code into your website. I used your CD’s and an American Masonry Book to build my own version of a brick oven atop my fireplace. Our bonus is: we have lots and lots of hot water (for bathing our smoke scented bodies) 3 to 4 days after we use our oven. Congratulations on a great combination fireplace waterheater and most of all the beautiful wood oven.
We have just built a bread oven maybe bigger than yours with a barrel arch rather than the lower catenary arch.
Thanks for your help, your oven looks strong enough to withstand tsunamis and earthquakes and sons burning all your wood!

I build brick ovens and will soon be building one for myself in a sunspace that has water heating capabilities.
As a little girl, I remember my father lifting me so Icould peer down into the oven’s bottomless cavity. Chimney guys, I own a chimney company in Westlake Ohio and we build outdoor fireplaces and pizza ovens, I was impressed with your imagination and skills. My husband and I are planning to go back to the island of W Samoa and we want to build an oven for his village so they can prepare meals for the village school. He has an extensive Wood Burning Oven Website, including oven plans,pizza instructions, and more. I built a brick fireplace at the northwest corner of my bee museum with the help the American Masonry Association’s Handbook on Building fireplaces. I did a triple arch design, one reinforcing the other, to strengthen the face of the large oven. We have enjoyed our old-fashioned brick oven & fireplace for three years with many close friends. He sold the bakery when I was still young, when the grocery store in my village began to bring-in factory made bread in plastic bags that my father at once dreaded and feared.
I remember it was fed with huge pieces of wood through an outside cavity at the back of the building while the oven itself had its door facing that massive table on the inside. A well-illustrated CD (in French) on brick dome oven construction is available from this web site. Notice the wall of white insulating bricks behind the bricks that make up the back of my oven. My son put all the small pieces of firewood that we had stored in our very big fireplace underneath, to break-in our oven as we shopped for crusts and toppings.

Moreover, because of the extra layers of insulation, we can cook in our oven 2 to 3 days after we use it, without any extra firing. And when the last batch was done, the oven would remain wonderfully warm ’til diner time.
I have never laid a brick in my life but with his pictures and guidance, it’s a pleasure working. What a wonderful aroma at 4 o’clock in the morning when loading a truck with just out of the oven bread.
I wrapped the firebrick core with cladding, ceramic wool, vermiculite and insulating bricks. We have cooked everything in our brick oven: soups, stews, bread, fowl, pork, beef, lamb, overnight roasts and more. The heat from the oven crept through a crack between the brick and heavy stainless steel flash-plate. Having travelled to a few of the European countries, my respect of the beauty and variations in these ovens, and without a doubt the absolutely marvelous food that they help create has peaked to the point I can no longer live without one. My father thought that was such a waste that he invited the townsfolk to bring their slow cooking diners to bake during the afternoon in the otherwise lost heat of the oven, thereby providing a hub of congeniality and social interaction right there, in the tiny front entrance of his village bakery. As an oven-builder I hear these questions a lot, but the books I can recommend for cooking with fire say little about ovens, and the ones about bread and ovens don’t take you very far with cooking. In those days in Canada we had home delivery of Milk and Bread and the milk some with a horse and buggy.

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