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16 Apr. 1992

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I've been reading up on building our own clay bread oven outdoors and am really interested and excited about doing so.
So this week we are testing soils that we have dug up to find the right mix of clay to sand for the cob that will be the oven itself. Thanks DennisK, I'll figure out some way to isolate the concrete blocks from the oven platform then. It was so intriguing that we knocked on the house’s door and met the oven’s owner – a frail Italian granny.
She graciously shared her story, which was inseparably intertwined with the oven.“We came here for the coal mines in the ’20s,” she said, “You couldn’t get good bread here, not like in the old country, so we built this oven. This makes the inner layer of the oven hold heat better while lightening the total weight of the oven.
All the neighborhood ladies would get up early to start their bread dough, and I’d be up by 4 to fire the oven. We went and priced sheet metal for the base of the oven today but couldn't afford to buy it yet.
Those men could eat a lot of bread!”The woman’s fascinating story motivated us to research outdoor bread ovens, with the goal of building one for ourselves.

After some serious research and with help from the best adobe-oven-making book ever, Kiko Denzer’s Build Your Own Earth Oven: A Low-Cost Wood-Fired Mud Oven, we gave it a try. On our oven, we elected to cover the whole top of the foundation with firebrick.Domes made of sandOur base was about 4-feet square, so we used a string and pencil to scribe a 28-inch-diameter circle for the inside of the oven and a 42-inch-diameter circle for the outside. You will need this figure later.Play in the mudThe ideal mud mixture for an adobe oven is 25 percent clay and 75 percent sand.
For our oven, we realized our mix was not drying hard and it needed clay, so we pulled the whole thing off and remixed the adobe. Fashion a handle from a scrap piece of wood or buy one and attach it to the door.Let it dryIt can take weeks for your oven to dry, but you can speed the process by building small fires to help it along.
Some cracking is to be expected during this process and as you use the oven, bit if large cracks develop, fill them with damp clay.Now, bake some bread!Light a large fire built with sticks and small pieces of wood inside the oven. For the final rising, place loaves on cornmeal-covered cookie sheets.Remove all the ashes and unburned wood from the oven. In a few minutes, remove the door and towel.Gently place a risen bread loaf on your peel (the shovellike tool for moving bread).
Put the peel into the oven and with one sharp jerk forward, slide your bread right onto the hot bricks.

Let bread bake according to your recipe, but pay attention with your nose and intuition to know when it’s done.You will be tempted to cut into your loaves immediately, but let them sit and cool for 10-15 minutes. Now you can cut it or tear it, add butter or other toppings, and enjoy crisp-crusty European bread, fresh and perfumed, from your own adobe oven.Cooking other foodsYou can cook anything in your oven, including meats and vegetables, pies and pizzas. For pizza, prepare your pies to put into the hot oven right after you scuffle out the ashes; don’t soak the oven.
Of course, anything you wish to cook in the oven has to fit through the door.Maintaining your ovenCover the oven during rain or snow. If food sticks to the oven floor, you may need to scrape it out once in a while.Cathy Wilson teaches art and writing in a juvenile correctional facility in Utah.

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