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We produce hand made high quality oak wine barrels in different styles which are suitable for storing all kinds of wines and alcohols in order to keep the original taste of wines and alcohols. The barrels can be made of different kind of wood such as oak, acacia, ash, mulberry, cherry, juniper.. Customer logos can be high quality printed on the barrels for promotional purpose upon customer request. Bourbon is a type of American whiskey – a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn.
Wooden barrels for sale are generally available in a variety of types including cherry, chestnut, walnut, pine, redwood and oak.
Two types of French oak (Quercus robur or Quercus sessiliflora) or one type of American oak (Quercus alba) can be used in building wooden barrels for sale. As soon as the oak trees have already been cut and prepared, the most crucial process they need to go through is the cooperage, the actual process of barrel-making. Bordeaux barrels that are expected to hold around 60 gallons of wine and are usually the end products for French oaks.

Thus, the French forests of Troncais, Vosges and Nevers serve as excellent homes for the prized oak trees. The craftsmanship of the cooper, or the barrel-maker, plays a crucial role on how the entire process will turn out to be. For thousands of years, oak has become the most preferred material for wooden barrels for sale. French oaks can also be made into wooden for barrels for sale to hold and store cabernet sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir. Minnesota and Iowa in the US, Canada and Hungary also feature forests that are suitable for growing oak trees intended to be used in building wooden barrels for sale. When the barrels are not properly constructed, oak may end up producing off-flavors that will also mix with the original flavors of the wine. Oak’s ability to mix its own flavor with the original taste of grape wines is surpassed by no other barrel. Thus, wines aged in oak wooden barrels for sale are often richer and more complex than those aged in other types of wooden barrels for sale.

Oak trees with tight rings can easily integrate their own distinct flavor with the taste of the wine. In addition, winery experts acknowledge the big contribution that these oak wooden barrels for sale play in the satisfactory turnout of the wine ageing process.
When the flavor of oak trees seeps through the wine, the wine becomes richer and more appealing. Once the ageing process for some wines has already been completed in the wooden barrels for sale, the fermentation process will also start in steel tanks. However, for some wines, fermentation still has to be done in the wooden barrels due to the flavor improvement that fermentation in oak can stimulate.

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