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Advice on using a pore filler after staining and sealing, to fill grain without hiding the dark grain pattern. We are doing a staining job for 6 Columns and some light trays that were all veneered with Red Oak. The result is very nice as far as consistency but the deep grains of the red oak veneer are not filling up the way we want. Based on the pictures I've seen, I’d suggest that you use a translucent grain filler whenever you use oak, mahogany etc. To Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor: I noticed above you said "It's easier to stain the wood, seal it, smooth the sealer, then use a pore filler". After the pore filler you may be able to get away with synthetic steel wool to clean up the field. If you're working with a finishing supplier, they should have a pore filler and tint it if you want them to. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum.
If the veneer is still in tact and I can’t slide something under it, I leave it alone! I used a razor blade to cut a slit in the raised veneer then carefully peeled it back until I reached a point of stability. I have a table with a veneer top that someone tried to sand and it must have been too thin of veneer and now I have to (about the size of a quarter) dark brown spots on the top of the table. If the pin holes are not completely filled after vacuum pressing the panel, a custom wood filler can be made by mixing fine sawdust (such as what you find in the bag on your random orbit or belt sander) with veneer glue. An end or edge split in a raw wood veneer can usually be fixed before it is applied to the project panel. Cracks can also occur when a veneer loses too much moisture (or loses moisture too quickly). When the split has been minimized via moisture, apply no-hole veneer tape across the split on the face side of the veneer.
Though it is rare, a split can appear after a veneer has been applied to the project surface. This is antiophthalmic factor freshly restaurant that opened Indiana majestic Oak Wolverine State that had to constitute renovated before African Mahogany. Items single fifteen of 15 just about species we offer are Anigre Ash Birch Cherry Hickory Maple scarlet Oak White Oak Rosewood Teak Walnut. We are trying to achieve an extremely smooth finish without the deep red oak grain being indented. Remove all dust off the veneer and then shoot 2 100% coats of ML Campbell WoodSong 2 Microton spray stain (WS2 M307 Red).

We even tried heavily sanding the veneer before shooting the stain to smooth it out some and it just lost that dark color grain it had. You could use a catalyzed sealer and keep sanding it back aggressively until the pores are filled and leveled, but that's quite a bit of work. I’ve probably tried them all and had success with each…well, except for patching with more veneer! Even if the areas around it are missing, it will serve as a guide for my filler depth later on! There are several wood fillers on the market that claim to be stainable but I’ve not found one that accepts the stain evenly or looks like the rest of the piece. One question though- I am trying to locate the filler material that you are using and am having trouble even finding it online. They are typically created when the wood cells shrink during the drying process at the mill. I highly suggest using a spritz of Super Soft 2 veneer softener a minute or two before punching out a veneer patch to make the cut cleanly and easily.
You could use a veneer punch to remove it but if you would like to keep the bark patch, just veneer the piece as usual and after the veneer glue has cured, dab in some thin cyanoacrylic glue (super glue) to the bark. When this happens, internal stresses become so strong that the wood cells shrink, lose elasticity, and then separate from each other.
Do not put water directly on the veneer but be sure to moisten the entire surface of the paper towels.
To get the best results, place tape on one side of the split then pinch the end of the tape between the veneer and your thumb. However, if a wood tone is needed, you'll need to add some sanding dust to the epoxy (preferably of a species similar in color to the veneer).
Scrap Wood Projects As the cost of lumber continues to oak veneer wood stain climb many weekend woodworkers and hobbyists are look to.
All I want to be able to do is fill those open pores up without losing the black or dark grain. There’s nothing worse than your filler hardening up right in the middle of a project!
If your damage is as extensive as this one was, the filler required would be too large and would look totally different if stained. The picture at the right shows excessive holes but this is still a very nice veneer that looked fine when properly finished.
The added moisture will help to gradually expand the wood cells around the split and which will decrease the gap.
Shop a variety of quality Wood Veneer & Edging and Building Supplies that are Real oak wood veneer wood scarlet oak veneer facing well-to-do to use merely iron on with household iron.

Wood veneer butt against banding is an easy to apply substantial wood ware that is pre sanded and useable in several sizes with or without hot evaporate glue applied.
For this post, I chose my go-to route for repairing missing and damaged veneer on a bed and a chest. The dry, brittle wood will also absorb the paint and topcoat differently, leaving a blotchy area. Hold down the stable part of the veneer with your free hand then snap the loose veneer to that point. Keep in mind that this can affect the veneer's ability to take a stain so try to apply it only to the bark area. When the veneer and tape have dried, adhere the veneer to your substrate as soon as possible to prevent any further splitting. Oakwood Veneer companion offers more than three hundred wood veneer species in stock and ready for prompt shipping worldwide from stops USA. Before we jump into the pic heavy post, let me answer the most asked question about damaged veneer. The glue will fill the holed and cure slightly above the surface which allows the user to remove the excess, leaving behind a smooth flat surface ready for finish sanding.
Put-upon for fine woodworking cabinets piece of furniture refacing & Sanded to a still uniform 3M Peel & joystick Backer provides potent adherence to Hundreds of wood veneer sheets from afromosia to. C cholecalciferol Wood Veneers Canary In woodworking veneer refers to slim down slices of wood usually diluent than 3 millimetre 1 octad inch that typically are glued onto gist panels typically wood. My clumsy, left handed attempt at removing it with tweezers led to breaking the brittle wood off. 3M All Purpose Filler is basically bondo too and can be purchased at home improvement stores. If you don’t put enough filler on, you will be sanding into the existing veneer later. If the veneer is capable of being repaired, the width of the split will have decreased dramatically. Finally, that tiny amount of veneer poking out will eventually get caught on everything that dares brush by it!

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