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13 Jan. 1994

Noah's ark wooden toy elc,woodworking broad axe,power respirator for woodworking - Within Minutes

I love wooden toys, I think they take you back to an age when toys were a little bit more simple and made with love and care. My Daughter received this shape sorter for her Birthday and I have to say I have been very impressed by this toy.Stockist and Cost This is a Early learning centre product available on line at www. I am a self confessed sucker for wooden toys, although my little man tends to go in for the all singing and dancing noisy toys himself!!
The ELC Wooden Noah's ark comes with a selection of animals, two of each of course, Noah and his wife figures. However he is a big fan of shape sorters, so when I saw the Early Learning Centre Noah's Ark I thought 'Great! All items are large for little hands to hold and the wood is strong, after a year there is no splinters, nothing other than a little wearing of the paint on the roof of the ark. This toy encourages hand eye coordination as babies and children can sort the animals through the shapes cut out on the side of the boat. We also have an ark from Fisher Price as well but that one is plastic whereas this one from the ELC is a lovely classic wooden ark.This ark comes in two parts, the top, or the roof of the ark and the bottom of the boat.

The top of the ark completely lifts off for removal of the animals once they have been poked in and this also allows the bottom to become a dolls boat and the top becomes a house it is mind boggling the variety of uses a child can find for a toy that is supposed to be one thing only!Quality I really like this toy I like that it is wooden seems to be a lot harder wearing than plastic versions indeed this is on its third child and still looks great we also loaned it to the local school reception class for a week and even they couldn't damage it! It also encourages imagination and is something your child can do by themselves.The roof of the ark lifts up so toys can easily be stored underneath. I found a noah's ark book that allowed me to use this toy to teach my children the noah's ark story.
On the side of the ark are the animal shaped holes for putting them back in the ark, which are removed by lifting the lid of the ark.
I like the fact that this ark is in two parts as it makes it more fun for my little girl to play with.
I bought this toy as I thought it would make a pleasant change from sorting squares and triangles, To be honest this toy has been a bit of a non starter as a shape sorter. The boat is also rounded at the sides so it really does look like the original ark that Noah set sail on.
It is not too heavy which is nice but you can tell that it is made from a good quality wood.

He instead prefers to play with it as a more role playing toy - getting them out and then arranging them on top of the ark, or towers of wooden blocks, and babbles away at them.
What I also like is that it seems to have some sort of lacquer on it so if these figures and the ark do get dirty then you can just wipe them clean without having to worry that you are getting wood wet.This ark as you would expect comes with a number of animals, in pairs of course. He really likes to play with it, and I often find the animals stuffed in with other toys (or in my shoe!), so who am I to complain that it isn't being used for its designed purpose!!Noah's Ark cost ?15 from ELC, which I think is pretty good value for a wooden toy, and you get quite a lot for your money. They are level at the bottom so all these animals have the ability to stand up which works well when you are lining up the animals ready to board the ark. The ark also comes with Noah and his wife (she is not referred to by name in the bible so hence the name Noah's wife).The bottom of the ark has cut out shapes of the animals so this also works well as a shape sorter. We like to put the top ont he ark and then try and put the animals through the side of the boat, a bit difficult at this age (18 months) but she will get there.The set is available from the Early Leaning Centre, is suitable from the age of 1 and is priced at ?15.

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