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23 Dec. 2003

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Today I’m going to focus on what I consider the five basic hand tools for working with wood.
As with the hand plane, much of the work a saw preforms has been picked up by the powered version.
The three most common measuring devices you’re likely to find in a wood shop are the tape measure, folding rule, and steel rule. Next, we move into the land of electricity, with impressive tools that exchange drudgery for speed, relative silence for roar, and charming shavings for clouds of dust.
Circular saws have a round blade that spins inside a housing and are mostly used for straight line cutting. Belt sanders are nice in that they can remove a lot of stock quickly and in experienced hands can be used for finish sanding. While some still prefer to work this way, when it comes to dimensioning stock, most of the heavy work is done by machines.
Even so, the handsaw remains a useful and necessary part of a woodworker’s collection. I find the deeply stamped numbers to make for jaggy lines so I use it mostly for rough layout and marking. If a line is too thick or fuzzy (carpenters pencil) it’s easy to get lost as to where to cut or measure.

Power tools can ease some of the burden of woodwork but make no mistake, they still require finesse and a little practice to get the most out of them. Since bandsaws for woodworking are primarily stationary tools, I’ll cover them later. On the other hand, because the belt travels in one direction, it should only be used in the direction of the grain. When not woodworking, he teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center, writes, and dreams of a robot that would sharpen his chisels. I find that make the biggest distinction between beginning and experienced woodworkers; working with sharp vs dull tools. When I first started woodworking, I remember seeing a picture of a guy with his hammer collection, it was a whole room filled with hundreds of different hammers.
So for this piece, I will go over some of the basic tools for measuring, marking, and transferring lines. But as with all tools, find the one(s) that fit your style and make the most sense to you and the way you work. Story poles are especially useful when measuring larger projects with multiple components (like a kitchen or library) or when needing to transfer the same dimension over many parts.
Not only does it give me 90? and the occasional 45?, it also transfers measurements from one piece to another, finds the true center of a board, and checks depths and helps set up tools.

These are especially handy when transferring the same layout lines to multiple pieces and marking lines parallel to curved edges. While the smaller sizes perform pretty well in a hand drill, the larger ones require a lot of power to turn so should be used in a drill press. Don’t be afraid to try different tools and techniques until you find the ones that feel right and make the most sense to you. And also like the framing square, it is covered in mysterious, oddly spaced numbers and strange markings that when in the right hands can be used to figure and lay out some pretty complicated joints. The key to getting a jigsaw to behave is to use fresh blades, take your time and let the tool do the cutting. The downside is that this line tends to be wide, fuzzy, and that can be wiped or blown away, often by the tool that is trying to follow it. If a hand drill is the only option and you need a large diameter hole, switch to a hole saw. While combination and general purpose saws exist, they tend to be a little too aggressive for careful work.

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