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21 Feb. 2012

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The work is combined from almost 4,000 pieces of scrap metal that Yilmaz hand-cut and hammered all by himself. Those links we imagine between horse, metal, and machine may explain why Dixie Jewett’s equine sculptures seem so perfectly right, despite how undeniably eclectic and strange their construction may appear on close inspection. Gradually, it dawned on Jewett that “you could just build up metal sculptures, you didn’t needs molds.
The bits and pieces of metal in her workshop, combined with fresh finds from garage sales, became her first huge horse, which she decided to submit to the annual Sculpture in the Park show held the second week of August in Loveland, CO.

People respond to her work, Jewett feels, not only because the sculptures look so amazingly lifelike and animated, but also because “they can identify with all the little bits.
As the artist commented the work on DeviantArt, what creating a metal sculpture requires the most is great patience and tolerance to the occasional pain. At Lawrence Gallery there, she saw the works of sculptor John Richen, who fabricates large stainless steel and bronze sculptures combining vivid realism with bold elements of abstraction. Through Jewett’s art, inert pieces of metal somehow feel as if they pulse with life—humankind’s time-honored metaphors for the horse are made wondrously real.

Horses often seem like divine works of sculpture, as if made of the strongest metal turned fluid and then miraculously sprung to life. She also renewed her admiration for the boldly scaled, welded-metal sculptures of Jim Dolan, known for his larger-than-life public works of natural subjects ranging from a whitetail buck to a flight of Canada geese.

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