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30 Dec. 1978

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I have one on my Makita 2012 and works great when hooked up to my tpo of the line ridgid (very quiet compared to my old craftsman)>.
The hole at the near (lower right) end in the pic is for intake air, to get better airflow - it was starved for air trying to rely only on the air flowing past the planer blades. I was just planing some hard maple and fir last night and it seemed that I was getting an excessive amount of ejection from the front of the planer, which I'll have to look into.
The Dust Hood works well but whomever decided to size the outlet tube to 3 inches outside diameter, was not thinking about the convienence of their clients.

Poor review because it doesn't seal the exit, forces dust and shavings to fly out the entrance, prevents the exit side shelf from folding up and has an unusually large diameter vacuum attachment port that doesn't fit common shop vacs. If it's any consolation my home-made one did jam on long shavings generated from planing wide pine boards. When choosing which side to work from, you either have to trip over the dust collection hose or else reach across the planer to use the crank. Almost like Makita hired an engineer who's never done woodworking AND EVERYONE in the approval process has never done woodworking.

The hood does do a good job of collecting shavings, but that may be contingent on having an adequate dust collector. Getting the other end of the connector over the end of the dust collector takes some effort, lubricant, and tenacity.

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